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   Chapter 122 Love Triangle

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Linda shook her head in resignation, worried that Bun would get hurt because of Brian's flirting.

She never wanted to get involved in another person's love life, but neither did she want to see Bun get hurt.

Linda didn't forget his romantic story that Bun shared with her. She hoped that Bun did too.

All she could do was hope that Brian honored his promise to marry Bun instead of walking away after leading her on.

"Fine, I've already talked to you about this."

"My Lady, Master Ho keeps teasing me!" Bun turned to Linda for help.

"What should I do? Beat him up?" said Linda with a friendly smile.

Before Bun could reply, Brian exclaimed, "Don't say yes! You'll end up murdering your own husband!"

Taken aback, Bun blushed at his words. She hadn't been courted before. She then walked out of the door in embarrassment, Leaving Linda and Brian alone in the room.

Brian dropped by to see Bun. Now that she left, there was no reason for him to stay.

Besides, Linda was his brother's fiancé. He assumed that being alone in a room with her would piss Charles off. Brian bid Linda goodbye and took off to follow Bun.

At dinner time, Paul took the porridge that Charles cooked to Linda.

Seeing that she was reading a book in bed, he got worried. "My Lady, why don't you put the book down and get some rest? I'm worried about your health."

Linda smiled. "Don't worry. I didn't hurt my eyes. It's not a big deal to read a book."

"Okay, then. But please take a break when you get tired. It pains the Young Master to see you suffer." Paul gently handed Linda the porridge. He opened his mouth as if to say something, but shut it again without a word.

Linda noticed his awkward behavior, but she remained silent and tasted as spoonful of porridge.

The delicious meal showed how much time and

had no choice. Brian said he was hungry, and asked her to either feed him or lie down next to him to have a chat with him.

Being a persuasive man, Brian soon coaxed her into choosing one.

Since there was no way she would lie next to him for a chat, Bun reluctantly chose to feed him instead.

She made the decision partly because of his back injury. It was difficult for him to eat on his own while lying on his stomach.

As he pointed out, his injury was caused by rescuing Linda. Bun gave in to him because of this.

Paul put down the bag and turned to Bun, stuttering, "I should... I'll go and give you both... some privacy..."

"Paul!" Bun stood up and tried to stop him, but it was pointless. Paul rushed out of the room, leaving Bun stomping her feet angrily.

"Come on, Bunny!" Brian reached for her, trying to pull Bun back to her seat.

Bun felt upset. Paul was important to her, but he didn't seem to care. Didn't he feel anything at the sight of her feeding Brian?

She'd had enough.

She sat back down and used a clean spoon to continue feeding Brian.

Reading her thoughts, Brian swallowed the food before comforting her. "Don't feel bad, Bunny. He's not the right one for you."

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