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   Chapter 121 Just for a Chat

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After Johnson Xia had left, May was taken to a clean and comfortable single cell and she was relieved from the unfinished work.

"You may stay here from now on and don't need to work again. But you still have to get up at 5 AM and sleep at 10 PM like others. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, I do." said May, nodding vigorously.

The clean quilt cover and bedsheet changed by jail guards made her close to tears.

Looking back on the past half month, she had been sleeping next to the filthy toilet...

After the jail guards had left, May Shen took out the cellphone with her quivering hands.

In fact, she had doubted whether Johnson Xia was putting on a show.

After all, she had tried to poison him.

Now that she was in jail and Johnson Xia was with his own daughter and his excellent son-in-law. There is no reason for him to come to her rescue.

He should have hated her guts.

There was a terrible hatred in her eyes when she thought of Linda.

She couldn't wait to make her suffer and condemn her to hell...

But it's a pity that Charles Mu should fall in love with this bitch.

Why did he refuse to marry Lisa?

If he had been willing to marry her, things would not have played out like this.

She would not have masterminded the accident on the bridge nor would she have put the poison into Johnson's food...

The worst she had ever done was to meet up with Adam from time to time

She had always been discreet and Johnson, who followed her advice all the time, would never find out about her secret.

She would remain the lady of the Xia clan in public and... an obedient slave of Ada

er up. Looking at his beautiful and watery eyes, Bun didn't have the heart to turn him down.

But Bun came back to her senses immediately when she though of Linda who had just taken her medicine and needed rest. Bun then said to Brian, "No, please go back to your room, Master Ho."

"No way. Either you go back with me, or I stay here!"

Argued Brian. He then lay on the other bed in the room, which was prepared for care taker who was on night shift.

Both amused and vexed by what she saw, Bun pouted, "What are you talking about, Master Ho! Don't tempt me to beat you on the back!" !"

Linda was pretending to be asleep when Brian came here. But when she heard what he had said, she could not help bursting into laughter.

The way he went about flirting with girl was... straightforward and direct! A bit Charles-style.

Though she knew Charles had not been a playboy, Linda blushed every time he made his sweet talk. It seemed to Linda that Charles must have learnt those words from Brian!

"What are you laughing at, Linda? I'm just inviting Bun for a chat! !"

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