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   Chapter 120 Visit May in the Jail

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They caught the eyes of each other. Both of their countenances were hard to describe, May's in particular. She had no idea how she should face Johnson, Who had always been good to her. She knew they could never come back to the way things were.

What's left was a trace of gratitude for him. Her deep love for him had gone with the wind.

"May, how have you been?" Johnson opened his mouth.

"What do you think?"

May showed him her fingers. The once fair ones were covered by scars now.

She had to do heavy manual work in jail, which injured her hands.

She had to keep weaving and sorting out cloth and threading the needles.

Johnson Xia gently held her hands, touching the scars gingerly. "That must hurt. I bring you some ointment. Apply some tonight."

On hearing this, May responded with a sneer. "Huh! Do you think I can still keep it when I take it back? Do you know how many people are there in a cell?"

Johnson Xia buried his sneer inside and put on a caring countenance. "Don't worry. I have already told the guards to give you a seperate cell. You don't have to share it with others."

"You..." Why?"

"What's the matter?" Johnson Xia was playing dumb.

Back in his days, he was a highly sought-after man who was young, handsome and rich.

He also knew his way around women.

"Why are you still so nice after all the nasty things I did..."

Johnson Xia pressed her in his arms and said, "You fool, let the past be the past. We used to be a couple. I knew you are only trying to get back at me for the things I have done to you. I owe my apology to you. I'm so sorry."

Hearing his apology, May felt so aggrieved and started sobbing.

Johnson Xia patted on her back gently

e old cell, you can call me if you miss me. Don't worry, I will soon get you out!"

"I'm waiting for you, Johnson!" said May with tears in her eyes.

She found his words touching for two reasons. One was that she realized she could get out of prison soon. The other was that she finally got some entertainment in this jail.

Every newcomer was bullied and May was no exception.

She remembered on her first day here the head of her cell forced her to clean the toilet and drink cold water...

She had fought against it. She refused to drink and clean. However, a good beat brought her to her knees later.

Thinking about her sufferings, she nearly cried. Now that Johnsom was here, she finally could have a good cry.

Johnson Xia then pretended to be reluctant to say goodbye, and hurriedly left the women's jail under the urging of the guards.

As he walked out of the iron gate, he immediately put on a cold face. He didn't want to spend another minute with her.

If it were not for helping Linda find out the culprit, he would not have chosen to meet with her.

Johnson Xia swore he would never ever meet May Shen again!

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