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   Chapter 119 Are You Here to Laugh at Me

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Linda had mixed feelings and did not utter a word.

Although the whole thing would be like opening old wounds for Johnson, he was still the only one who could help them find out the truth.

Except for Johnson, the man with whom she had shared the bed for dozens of years, any other person would raise her suspicion.

Despite the sheer hatred towards Johnson Xia, She must have loved him deep down. That's why her deep love for him was turned into deep hatred now.

If she had not been so in love with him, she would have moved on and she would not resent Johnson Xia so much

When she learnt about his marriage with Sherry Nalan.

But she could not forget about him. For one, he was rather handsome back then.

For another, Johnson Xia had a great deal of money.

It's said that May had once been a lady of a rich family. Later the business failed, and she was then reduced to living a less wealthy life.

Nonetheless, she was brought up as a lady after all and so she had always been able to behave appropriately in front of others.

Her sensibility and good manners also won her the favour of Johnson Xia after they got married.

She had concealed her true colors all along, because she wanted not only a wealthy life but also revenge on Johnson Xia.

"Thank you, father. Then that's settled. Paul will send you the cellphone this afternoon. We haven't meet May for a while, but we learn from the jail that her mental status is not stable. There is no telling what she will do." said Charles Mu.

Johnson Xia nodded and said, "Thanks for the heads-up."

Linda remembered one strange thing all of sudden. Why did Vincent Zhou insist on finding Lisa?

Linda found it suspicious as their brother-sister bonb was not that strong in her

s by the huge weaving machine.

A jail guard took Johnson Xia to May Shen and said, "No.13, you've got a visitor."

"Who is that?" May Shen immediately stopped her work and looked up. She wondered whether Adam Huo would come to her rescue.

When she caught the sight of Johnson Xia, her face were filled with discontent. Was he here to laugh at her?

Johnson Xia's heart trembled when he finally saw her. Many finished bedsheets and quilt covers were already piled up by the machine beside her.

He knew the labor in jail was heavy. "May..."

"How could you be here..."

"Please find a room for us." said Johnson to the nearby jail guard.

"Okay, Lord Xia. Please wait a moment." replied the guard respectfully.

The nearby prisoners all looked at her. They seemed impressed by her identity.

From the attitude of the guard, they could tell that her visitor was a big shot.

Within five minutes the guard has already arranged a room for their meeting.

Johnson Xia was sitting in the room and waiting for May Shen with crossed fingers and an impassive countenance.

As soon as May Shen went into the room, she said, "Are you here to laugh at me?"

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