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   Chapter 118 Set a Trap for May Shen

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Hearing what he just said, Linda's hands shook a little bit and the porridge nearly spilt.

"You know have to make porridge?"

Charles Mu glanced at Linda and raised an eyebrow, "I know everything!"

"You must be kidding me. I don't buy it."

Charles Mu shook his head with a sign and said, "Have a heart! I learnt how to make porridge for you, you know!"

"Oh, really?" Linda had another spoon of porridge. She could sense how seriously Charles took this cooking. The thought of how much Charles cared for her made Linda happy from the bottom of her heart...

But she could not smile, for a little movement of her face could make the abrasion hurt...

In order to recover, Linda had no other choice but to follow what Charles told her.

Since Charles Mu was so nice to her, Linda beckoned to him and said, "Fine, I'm going to reward you with a hug."

Charles Mu lifted his eyebrows and took Linda to his arms in a gentle manner so as not to hurt her. Since there were bruises scattering all over her body, a light touch could trigger off the pain.

Nestling against Charles's chest, Linda closed her eyes and smelt him.

She had thought that she would not be able to see him again.

"Well, what about Vincent Zhou?"

"He died."

"What? He died? In the same way as Walker Chen?" Linda felt somewhat confused. Walker Chen killed himself by overdosing on sleeping pills when he was in prison.

"Right, the same way as Walker Chen, Vincent Zhou also committed suicide by overdosing sleeping pills. I should have been more careful. I didn't connect Vincent with Walker Chen. Now I am sure they both worked for the Master Adam."

Charles Mu gently ran his fingers through Linda's hair...

"What a pity! With Vincent Zhou dead, our leads are gone too. We could have interrogated him and found out who the Master Adam really is." Linda shook her head with resignation.

"Never mind. You should focus on getting well so we can hold our wedding."

"I can never feel fully relieved until w

miss her."


Johnson was obviously disconcerted by the mentioning of May Shen, as he had thought that he had heard the last of her. It's obvious that Johnson Xia'd rather not talk about her.

Through his whole life, he had never been hurt so deeply by someone except May Shen. She cheated on him and planned to steal all of his money. On top of that, she even wanted to kill him.

Charles Mu filled him in on what happened to Vincent Zhou and Walker Chen.

After hearing what Charles just said, Johnson Xia signed and said, "Fine, I guess there is something more you want me to do apart from telling May Shen how much I miss her. Just tell me!"

"Tell her that you've been finding a way to get her out and assure her that there is no need to worry because you will work out a plan as soon as possible... And you have to keep in contact with her..."


"We will give you a mobile phone which has been installed a bug and a GPS tracker. Then you can give it to her and told her you bought it, so that she can keep in contact with you."


Johnson Xia agreed, but the grim expression on his face saddened Linda.

Johnson was once an energetic and dark-haired man, but what May Shen had done turned him into a man with so many grey hairs. Linda could tell how deeply he was hurt by May Shen's betrayal.

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