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   Chapter 117 That Is Exactly What You Are Eating

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Half an hour later, Linda was rolled out of the operating room.

Anna pulled off her surgical face mask, looking exhausted, her forehead covered in sweat.

"How's the surgery?" Asked Charles Mu as he came up to Anna quickly.

Anna shook her head with a smile and said, "Take it easy, Young Master. Lady Linda is all right. You got her here in time. It will take her half a month to recover. Then everything will be fine."

Hearing what she just said, Charles Mu felt relieved and nodded at Anna, "Well done, Anna. Thank you."

"Anytime, Young Master. Lady Linda is my friend. I need her to stay two more days at the hospital for observation. If everything is Ok, then she can go home."

Charles Mu was worried sick when he saw Linda was in a coma, so much so that he failed to notice there was an abrasion on her face.

It was not until Anna mentioned it did Charles realize how unobservant he had been. But it's not such a big deal as long as Linda's alive. Even if she was disfigured, Charles Mu would still love her.

The reason why he loved Linda was not only because she's good-looking, but also they were compatible. There were so many young and attractive Ladies around him, but Linda was the special one and the one who he wanted to share the rest of his life with.

Linda felt she was in aches and pains all over when she came out of the coma. Opening her eyes, the first thing she saw was the white ceiling of the ward.

Linda noticed there was a faint smell of disinfectant.

It looked like she had come back from the blink of death. But Linda shook with terror when her mind drifted to the moment of falling into the water, because the fear coming over her at that moment was terrible.

"Thank God, My Lady. You are awake, " The voice sounded rather familiar. It turned out that it was from Bun.

Linda struggled to sit up, but every part of her body ached with a little movement. Her face twisted with pains. "Ouch, I feel like I have worked all night at a construction site.

It's kil

r hands to feel her face. There was a strerile dressing on the abrasion which stung a bit when touched.

"Shoot, am I disfigured? Are you dumping me?"

Charles Mu shook his head with a wry smile, "It's not such a big deal, darling. Anna told me it's just a small abrasion. It will disappear naturally after you rest for a few days. But remember to keep away from the kinds of food I mentioned, OK?"

"Fine!" Linda glanced at the rice porridge and gave her husband-to-be a glum look which amused Charles a lot.

It's just eating rice porridge, but Linda looked as if she was about to eat something poisonous.

"You have not eaten anything the whole day. You must be starved. I brought you some dried meat floss which could add extra flavor to the rice porridge. Eat it up."

Linda took the bowl of rice porridge from Charles Mu's hands. There was some dried meat floss scattering over the porridge. Linda scooped some into her mouth. It turned out to be pretty tasty.

"Do you see how pathetic I am? I can only have rice porridge."

"Well? And?" Charles Mu could tell there was more to her words.

"If I could only eat rice porridge, then I want the one you cooked!" Linda was upset by the fact that she's not allowed to eat what she wanted.

Charles Mu gave the bowl a pout and said, "Well, that's exactly what you are eating!"

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