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   Chapter 116 Come Back Alive

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Brian glanced at the floating time bomb with steely determination.

There's no way he could let Linda die. Should anything happen to Charles's beloved girl, Charles would be shattered by grief.

Brian Ho and Charles Mu were always as thick as thieves. Futhermore, Charles had once saved Brian's life.

So Brian would not hesitate to go through fire and water for Charles.

For as long as Brian had known him, Charles Mu had never showed interest in any woman. So Brian thought Charles would remain single through his whole life.

But everything changed after Linda came into the picture.

Besides, it's Brian's fault that Linda was put in jeopardy now, so Brian was determined to get her back at all costs.

The time bomb was ticking, which unsettled Brian.

Holding Linda tight to his chest, Brian Ho turned his back to the time bomb and swam toward the shore as quickly as he could.

Three, two, one...

The bomb went off.

Even though Brian Ho swam as far away from the bomb as he could, They only got as far as fifteen inches away from the tomb when it exploded. Brian felt an excruciating pain on his back when the bomb went off. The onslaught of the heat wave was simply too much for him.

But he didn't give up and went on swimming even though he was exhausted.

On the pier, Bullets shot through Vincent Zhou's limbs soon after Linda fell into the river.

Vincent Zhou dropped to a pool of blood, unable to move. Charles Mu ordered the snipers to avoid the vital parts pf his body to keep him alive.

"How's it going? Have you found them?" Asked Charles Mu with a frown.

"No, Young Master, none of our men has found Lady Linda and Young Master Ho yet."

"Keep searching and put more men on it."

Bun came down from the high ground and looked at Charles Mu with red-rimmed eyes, "Young Mater, it's all my fault. I failed to protect My Lady."

Charles Mu knew Bun's not the one to blame for this emergenc

ou look like a mummy."

"Bun, I was hurt so badly today. You don't care about me and even say I look like a mummy. I felt pretty sad, you know." Brian Ho lay on his stomach and shook his head with a melancholy expression.

"But you really look funny." Bun giggled with her hands covering her month.

"Fine, As long as it makes you happy."

Charles Mu was still sitting beside them with his brows knitted. Even though he knew there's no need to worry about Linda since Anna told him so, Charles Mu still felt uneasy.

Bun was upset by the bleak expression on Charles Mu's face, but she could not find a word to comfort him.

"Get some rest. You are badly injured." said Charles Mu lightly as he glanced Brian Ho whose face was twisted with pain.

"Charles... "I..."

"Well, say no more. it's not the first time you pull something stupid in order to get laid." said Charles Mu, rubbing his hands with a disgusted look on his face.

Brian Ho opened his month, but don't know how to counter the accusation. A sheepish look froze on his face.

"Come on, Charles. I have risked my life for Linda today. Please stop being mad at me! I could have been disfigured, you know."

"... "Disfigured? Even better."

"If I had been disfigured, Bun would have lost a good-looking husband."

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