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   Chapter 115 Couldn't Escape from the Explosion

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But Brian knew he was the one to blame for the way things were going.

If he hadn't left Linda alone in the bookstore and gone to find Bun, then she would have been kidnapped.

Time was slipping away. He had only 2 minutes left.

Charles Mu got a little anxious. He felt some part of his heart aching.

That's because he held Linda dear in his heart.

But at this point he felt helpless. If he forced his way to rescue her, then Vincent would detonate the bomb to blow her up.

If he just stood by and did nothing, then the bomb would still go off when time ran up...

He was caught between a rock and a hard place...

"Master Mu, you must have been feeling awful now. I can't say I am not enjoying this."

A faint sneer hanged on Vincent's lips. His narrow, dangerous and poisonous-snake-like eyes stared at Charles' chiseled and motionless face, and he relished at the prospect of frustrating Charles.

Paul gave a snort of contempt and said, "You are not worth half of the attentions we give you."

"Don't try to play tough, Master Mu. You only get two minutes left."

Vincent Zhou was almost insane, whose smile terrified people nearby.

The bomb strapped on Linda was real.

At first, Vincent intended to strap a fake one to strike fear into Charles. But after Linda had shot him with the tiny metal ball, he changed his mind. He swore he would kill this bitch, For she made him less of a man.

So he strapped a real one on her. In two minutes, she would be blown up.

But Charles wouldn't give up without a fight.

Eight sniper rifles in the dark were aiming at

e water. As expected, Bun had done a great job and successfully cut the thick rope with 6 bullets.

Linda fell as soon as the ropes were cut, And it took Brian great efforts to lift her out of the raging river.

But Brian had no time to wake her up.

Because he had only 50 seconds left. According to his experience, the scope of the explosion fell within the radius of 16 ft.

Brian calculated the time and found he merely got 40 seconds to disarm the bomb and threw it away.

He knew he must took Linda out of the area of explosion. Otherwise both of them would be blown to pieces even if they were in water.

So he became ever more serious, with one hand holding Linda and the other disarming the bomb. He took every step carefully in case that he might accidentally detonate the bomb.

But the pity was that only one of his hands was free to move. The speed was obviously slower.

When he eventually removed the bomb, there were only 5 seconds left...

It's too late. It's almost impossible for him to take Linda out of the area of explosion.

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