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   Chapter 105 Bump Into Celine (Part One)

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Celine was on the dance floor, her head rocking to the music while her long wavy hair bounced in sync with her movements.

A trace of anger appeared on Spencer's face. 'How could she even think of going clubbing before she's recovered?'

Noticing the annoyed expression on Spencer's face, Terence said, "Celine has always been naughty. Should we make her leave?"

Ignoring Terence's question, Spencer said, "Is Mr. Long here yet?"

"He is staying in Room 3."

"Let's go to the surveillance room first." Spencer turned and looked at Terence.

"Get two of your men to look after Celine in case she gets into trouble." Terence nodded.

Spencer tapped Terence's shoulder and said,

"Let's go." The two of them walked up to the surveillance room.

When they looked at the surveillance footage, they noticed two groups of people sitting in Room 3. One was a group of buyers led by Mr. Long, who was wearing a dark robe and holding a rosary in his hand. Behind him were his bodyguards. The other group was from X. The man in the front was a young man who looked tall and strong, with a handsome face. He was wearing on a suit, and on the surface, he looked like a decent guy.

Terence took a closer look at the footage and said, "Mr. Long doesn't look too bad with the rosary in his hand."

Spencer rolled his eyes and leaned in to view the footage as well. He had studied lip movements before,

so he could figure out what the people in Room 3 were talking about even without sound.

"What are they saying?" Terence's curiosity was aroused.

"They're just chatting." Spencer frowned as he watched the screen on which a few people were drinking and talking.

"Are w

were going to follow them!" Terence said as soon as he heard Spencer speak on the phone.

"Don't worry. We can't catch him now anyway. If we do, it will only alert their boss, which is no good for us." Spencer stood up and looked at his watch. "It's late. I have to go home."

"You are different after getting married." Terence looked him and chuckled. "You used to have a drink before you went home. Honestly, what were you and Fiona doing before you came here? If I hadn't honked the car horn, would you have made me wait another ten minutes?"

"Ten minutes? Huh! You're underestimating me." Spencer raised his eyebrows. "I would have made you wait at least an hour longer."

"Ha-ha..." Terence laughed.

"Come, let's go." Spencer stood up to leave.

On the dance floor, Celine stumbled as she was drunk. The fast music was replaced by a slow romantic song. She walked up to her seat.

A guy she'd danced with came up to her and said in a persuading voice, "Hey pretty girl, why don't we go somewhere more fun? It's boring here."

"Yes, of course," added another man. "How about you come over to our house?"

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