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   Chapter 114 Jump into the River to Rescue Her

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The twinkling red light in front of her chest frightened Charles.

He had never had this strong fear before.

"What do you want?" Charles said calmly after taking a deep breath.

"What do I want? That's the question I would like to ask. What do you want from Lisa? What did you do to her? Bring her back to me!"

"I guess my wife have already told you about this. We have no idea where she is!" answered Charles Mu patiently.

Vincent Zhou burst into laughter. "Ha, Charles Mu, as you see, you only get five minutes to bring Lisa back here alive. I will stop the bomb the moment I see her. Otherwise the bomb will definately blow your beloved girl to kingdom come. Think about it!"

Paul could not hold back his temper and shouted, "Vincent Zhou, you are such a psychopath! If Lady Linda hadn't spared you, you would have been in jail right now!"

"Are you saying I should thank this bitch?"

Bun and Brian had already arrived here in a hurry.

From a long distance, Bun had already seen two gangs each led by Charles and Vincent Zhou.

The atmosphere was rather intense between the two gangs.

Out of anxiety, Bun attempted to run for Charles, but Brian pulled her back.

"Calm down and stay here. My brother must have had trouble rescuing Lady Linda." said Brian while pointing at the person dangling from the crane.

Bun took a closer look. That's none other than Lady Linda.

It's shocking to see her dangling in the wind. Charles Mu and Vincent Zhou confronted each other, but nothing happened.

"Look, the twinkling red light on Linda must come from a time bomb."

Bun got more anxious. "It's all your fault, Master Ho. What should we do now? I

ring, Vincen could not help but sneer. "Hum, Master Mu, do you think I wil fall into the same pit? Put your ring away. I will immediately start the time bomb if you dare play tricks with me. I can assure you of this."

Charles, with his brows knitted, reluctantly put his dragon ring away.

He couldn't stake Linda's life on this.

After finishing his words, Vincent Zhou started the time bomb.



Linda, hanging over there, was almost unconscious when she heard rapid ticktocks. Then she realized the countdown had begun. ...

Linda looked down weakly. Charles was already here, but it seemed that he couldn't rescue her at this point.

Was today her last day? "Damn, no! I still have much delicacy to taste. I still want to have a baby with Charles. I don't want to die!"

Millions of fuzzy ideas passed through Linda's mind.

She was about to slip into a coma...

Brian had already covertly walked around the harbor and jumped into the river from the other side of the pier. He slowly swam towards Linda.

The river tonight was so cold that even Brian himself could not bear it.

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