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   Chapter 112 You're Being Unreasonable!

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Again Lily searched the Contacts, looking for someone she may know and could reach for help.

Suddenly, she saw a number that was labeled "Son of a Bitch".

Why "Son of a Bitch"? Could he be Master Mu?

Lily decided to have a try. She dialed the number.

"Honey, where are you?"

Lily burst into tears again, "Are you Charles Mu? Please help Linda. She had been taken away."

"Who are you?"

"My name's Lily Xie, Linda's sister. This morning a bunch of people barged into my home and demanded my dad to pay his debt. They told me as long as I called Linda and brought her to my place, they would leave my dad alone. They said they only wanted to discuss business with you. But it turns out they had lied, for they took Linda with them......"

Lily was trembling out of fear......

At the other side of the phone, Charles remained silent for a few seconds, and then he said, "Open the door."

Confused, Lily asked, "What?"

"I said open the door." Then he hung up.

What door? She suddenly realized that maybe Charles Mu was at their front door.

She quickly put down the phone and rushed to open the door.

Derek was confounded by the sight of her coming out of her bedroom. Why would she rush to open the door?

"Lily, what're you doing?

Lily opened the door and saw Charles Mu and Paul were standing there.

Behind them were a lot of followers.

As Paul waved his hand, several men rushed into the house and seized Derek in his bedroom, who was still packing his baggage.

Derek was horrified when he saw Charles Mu, but when he found out it was Lily who let them in, he became angry, "Bastard, you told them? Shit. How could you help others instead of your own dad?"

Charles didn't even bother to lay eyes on him. He simply said, "Take him away."

Lily raised her head and looked at the man in command. He was staring at h

harles and secretly returned her message.

"Lady Linda had been taken by Vincent Zhou. They are now heading to an abandoned warehouse in a dock in the northern part of SH city. We are heading there to save her.

Paul hesitated for a while before he sent another message to Bun, "Are you with Master Brian now?"

Bun's heart skipped a beat at Paul's message. "Lady Linda is in danger." thought she.

Brian was upset. What he wanted was to be alone with Bun. How could he foresee this?

It was really a hard job to be the Lady of the Mu clan......

Holding Bun's phone, Brian saw the incoming message......

Feeling irritated, he asked, "Bonny, does this Paul guy have a crush on you?"

Bun flushed and took back her phone, "What are you talking about?"

"My sixth sense told me that this guy must have a crush on you. Now I name you the Lady of Ho clan. You have to tell him the ship has sailed and he has no chance!"

"You're being unreasonable! I won't talk to you anymore if you keep being a jerk!"

"I'm not being a jerk. Bonny. I'm so handsome. Don't you have any feelings for me? I know you've fallen in love with me."

"We'd better hurry and save My Lady. Master Brian, if she gets hurt, Young Master won't forgive me."

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