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   Chapter 111 You Sick Son of a Bitch

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"How can you do that?" Sweat trickled down Derek's forehead. He had tricked Linda and brought her here. If she escaped, there is no way she would forgive him.

Vincent had promised if Derek succeeded, that debt of 400 thousand could be waived. Moreover, Vincent was considering giving him another 400 thousand as a reward.

Derek was planning, after he got the money, to sell his house, and take Lily away from this city, to a place where they could have a happy life and find Lily a good husband!

"You are in no position to argue with me! Shut up!" Vincent frowned, waving his hand. The men following him immediately understood his intention.

A man in black took out a hemp rope and tied Linda's hands behind her back.

Before they departed, Linda cast a glance at Derek. Her look sent a chill down his spine, "Linda, I......"

"Don't call my name, Derek, I feel sick!"

At this moment the door to one of their bedrooms was opened, and out of it poked Lily's head.

She was frightened when she saw Linda was being tied up...... She dared not to look into Linda's eyes.

She hesitated for a while before she went out and pulled Vincent's clothes, "You said as long as we bring her here, you will leave my father alone. Why did you lie?"

"Linda? Do you think she still considers you as her sister?" Vincent squinted at Lily with mockery on his face.

"Lily, it's very 'kind' of you." Linda smiled while staring at Lily. Her face seemed peaceful, yet deep down, she felt deeply disappointed.

Lily was lying to her on the phone......

"And here I am, worrying sick and rushing to her rescue. How silly of me." thought Linda.

"Linda, I didn't mean to lie to you. He said as long as I called you and brought you here. My father's debt c

phone to turn on.

Derek heard the sound of Lily shutting the door. It was not normal, so he came out to have a look. Then he found her door was locked from the inside.

"Lily, what're you doing in your bedroom? Why do you lock the door?"

Her sudden words had shocked Lily, "Nothing. Dad. I'm getting dressed."

The phone was still slowly loading. Her mother gave her the phone when she divorced Derek. He didn't know about it, for he had forbidden any contact between Lily and her mother.

One minute later, the phone was finally turned on.

It felt like a century had past.

Now that Linda had been taken away, not a moment should be lost, for if anything should happen to Linda, Charles wouldn't forgive Derek and her.

Though she seldom met Linda recently, she heard about Linda and Charles on all kinds of social media.

She knew Charles loved Linda and always treated her well.

Lily started searching the data in the SIM card. She was elated when she found there were contacts stored in the card.

But she didn't find any number under the name of Charles among dozens of them.


Master Mu's number was not in Linda's Contacts?

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