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   Chapter 110 One Month Later You'd Pay Your Debt!

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"What's wrong? Calm down, tell me what happened."

Since many people were reading books in the bookstore, Linda stepped out of the door and found a secluded place to make her phone call.

"My dad...... He said he would sell me to a night club as a prostitute. I don't want to go there. Linda, help me! They're outside our door. My Dad is negotiating price with them."

Linda burst into anger. Derek really meant to sell Lily to the night club in order to pay off his debt?

"What kind of father is he?" thought she.

There's no way he would change.

She rushed to Lily's home.

She would never allow Derek to sacrifice an innocent child.

In an instant Linda hailed a taxi, got in the car and gave the driver the address.

She knew that place well, for Derek's home was once Linda's.

When she reached the entrance to their house, Linda found the door was locked. The air was creepy and depressed. It was strange. Weren't they supposed to be negotiating price?

Why was this place so quiet? It seemed there was no sign of forced entry.

Were they in the house? Or had they settled a price and left?

Linda decided to knocked on the door first.

The air seemed frozen at that moment. It was strange, but Linda could not tell why. Judging by Lily's voice, she assumed the poor girl was in danger, for Lily was not a liar.

Though she seldom got excellent grade at school, Lily was quite a decent child. At the time when Donna and Cindy were kicked out of Derek's home, it was Lily who sneaked out and told Linda.

Had it not been her, Linda would not have known Donna had lost her home for a long period of time.

For Donna would never tell her the truth herself, and Cindy always turned a blind eye to this kind of things.

Linda rang the bell.

It didn't take long for the door t

urn on the recorder in the dragon ring, so what they were now saying could be used as evidence later.

Linda had made a mistake.

She should had called Charles before she came here. She could either let him escort her, or wait for Bun to accompany her. Now she had fallen into the hands of Vincent Zhou, it may be difficult to escape on her own.

Vincent cast a glance at Derek and said, "She's coming with us. Remember you owed me 400 thousand. I give you one more month, or else......"

"You said as long as I bring you Linda Xia, my debt would be waived. Boss Zhou, do you mean to break your own word?" Derek, who had been an onlooker until now, got worried.

Earlier this morning, Vincent had brought a bunch of people to his house. They smashed his furniture and demanded him to pay his debt immediately.

After several failed attempts to gain Linda's help, Derek dared not bother her again.

Then Vincent offered an alternative that he would take Lily and made her a prostitute. Surely she did not consent, neither did Derek. He was bad in character, but he was still a good father.

"I've changed my mind. One month. One month later you'd pay your debt!" A grin hung on Vincent's lips.

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