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   Chapter 109 The Call from Lily Xie

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"Brian, who do you bring those roses for? When did you come back? Brian..."

With tears running down her face, Sarah Shen was quite emotional at the moment. Though it had been two years, she was still in love with Brian Ho. She couldn't help moving slowly toward Brian Ho while speaking, which terrified Brian Ho and drove him backwards.

It was only because of Sarah Shen that Brian Ho was thrown back to the army by his grandfather, and so the sight of Sarah Shen scared him a bit.

"No, don't come any closer. The rose is not for you..."

"Not for me? Then was it for her?" asked Sarah Shen while pointing at Bun.

Brian Ho looked like he had just swallowed a fly alive. He paused for a moment and then nodded firmly. He really meant it when he said he was into Bun. Two years of solitude in the army had bored him to death, and so he made a move at Bun as soon as he came back. Though acknowledging that Bun was such a pretty girl, Brian Ho had never thought of turning Bun into one of his girlfriends, for he knew how a fox should never prey around his own hole.

However, Brian Ho was not the same man as he was two years ago. All he wanted for the moment was to settle down with someone and to build his own family.

So Brian Ho nodded again.

Sarah Shen exploded immediately when Brian Ho nodded his head.

She started to shout hysterically at him, "What on earth do you see in this skank? She's only a servant! Are you sinking that low now? Don't you remember what you had promised me?"

Brian Ho felt his head was pounding. However, he rubbed his temples to try and control his temper, then he said to Sarah Shen, "Come on! We had only been together for five short days. What kind of promise could I have given you? Besides, no one will take sweet talks seriously! Because of you, I ended up in the army for two whole years! What more do you want from me!"

"I don't want anything from you. I just... I really like you, Brian. And she was just a servant. She doesn't deserve your love."

Brian Ho was getting furious, "She is not a servant. One more word and you'll be sorry for what you've said!"


hat she failed to come up with a complete sentence properly.

Young Master made it crystal clear to her that Lady Linda should never be left alone under any circumstance.

"What's wrong? Well, she was alone in the store. But I've called Charles and told him to pick her up. Don't worry. What kind of trouble can she get herself into within such a short time?"

Bun suddenly had a really bad feeling. And so she took out her phone and dialed Linda's number.

But all Bun could hear from her phone was the sound of "The number you have dialed is power-off. Please try again later."

A sudden chill swept through Bun's body. She grabbed Brian Ho's hand and asked, "Young Master Ho, Which bookstore did you bring Lady Linda to? Can you take me there right now?"

Linda was browsing through textbooks alone in the bookstore. She was still irritated that Brian Ho should be so selfish as to abandon her there.

How was she supposed to go back home later?

Luckily, Linda brought her purse with her, at least she got the cash to take a cab after she had done book shopping.

Linda was about to leave the store after she had bought all the books she needed when her phone rang.

She took her phone out. And to her surprise, it was from Lily Xie.

"Hello, Lily. What's the matter?" asked Linda after picking up the phone.

Then she heard Lily's anxious and frightened voice, "Linda! Linda! Please save me!"

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