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   Chapter 108 Linda Was Left Alone in the Bookstore

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Those cadets were simple creatures. If you won their hearts, you would win their respects

And Bun had impressed them and earned their respects.

"Very well. Now let's take ten minutes to rest, and we'll resume our training."

Bun glanced at her watch, and there were still half an hour before the morning training was over. Bun only took charge of the morning, and she was supposed to go to the bookstore with Linda in the afternoon.

Lying on the ground, Sarah Shen was much better and less breathless after taking a long rest. However, she could still feel the pain all over her body. And her cheeks were aching mildly but persistently.

She hadn't worked out for quite a while, and therefore her body was apparently not used to the sudden exercises.

It was really painful.

Ten minutes later, Bun asked them to stand at attention.

It was actually kind of an act of mercy, for standing still was much more comfortable than other trainings. Bun was planning to go easy on them in the last half an hour.

But clearly Sarah Shen didn't think so. She still felt Bun was against her on purpose.

Sarah Shen's fury was almost reaching its zenith. She could barely sit up properly at the moment, and how was she supposed to stand at attention? Standing upright meant more energy loss, and she would only be more exhausted than she already had been.

However, others all took their positions and stood still at Bun's order. Though they were just as tired as Sarah Shen was, they didn't want to give up.

Sarah Shen couldn't help cursing silently, "What the hell is wrong with these people? It's only a training program. Do you seriously need to obey every word she said?"

It hadn't even been 60 seconds when Sarah Shen slouched again. Bun noticed and shouted at her, "Chest up! What? Are you pregnant? Or trying to hide something? "

After being mocked by Bun again, Sarah Shen was totally humiliated.

She gave Bun a hostile look and yelled, "You are just picking on me, aren't you? Madam! I know we had some issues, but this is police officers academy! Aren't you afraid I report you to the authority?"

"As you said, this is the police officers academy, not your own

ould have graduated from the academy ages ago. How could she be on the training ground with those freshmen?

People on the training field were either freshmen or instructors.

How could Sarah Shen not notice Brian Ho and the flower in his hands?

A mixed feeling rushed into her mind the moment she saw Brian Ho. And Sarah Shen found her eyes start to water as she was looking at him.

It had been two years since they last met. Brian Ho disappeared from her world without even saying goodbye two years ago and he had never been heard of again ever since...

How time had flown. Just when Sarah Shen thought she had forgotten this man and moved on, he showed up in front of her face again...

Only that he was here for another woman...

Sarah Shen felt her heart was torn apart, and she couldn't help crying.

Bun had already heard of the story between Sarah Shen and Brian Ho. She felt so sorry for Sarah Shen who had to go through this. And meanwhile, Bun knew somehow, at least in Sarah Shen's view, that she was to blame for Brian Ho showing up with flowers.

What the hell was he doing? Coming to her with roses?

Bun was totally confused...

Bun knew that Brian Ho was a player, and she also heard about the long list of his ex-girlfriends. Therefore, she thought that Brian Ho was merely flirting with her last night...

"... Er......r.... Why are you here?" Brian Ho stood where he was, looking rather awkward.

"Brian... You..."

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