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   Chapter 107 Surrender

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Sarah Shen couldn't help arguing back.

She had been working in the office ever since she graduated. Her grandfather's connections secured her the position as the Deputy Director-General of the municipal Public Security Bureau, and all she had to do was reviewing the papers all day long. Sarah Shen was trained to work in the office rather than to serve in the army. Besides, the instructors back in the academy wouldn't dare to push her too hard, for she was the lady of the Shen clan.

Right after Sarah Shen had done talking, people around were all staring her as if she had just said something extremely stupid.

Excellent physical strength was part of what it took to get in the best police officers academy in SH city.

Isn't a 2.4 miles warm-up perfectly normal?

Why would it be absurd to Sarah Shen?

Bun stared Sarah Shen with great interest and then walked to her, "You can leave if you don't want to run. We don't need losers here anyway."

"You! Don't you try to abuse your power for personal purposes! I will run! But I don't think you are capable of running 2.4 miles, either. You are just a talker, aren't you?"

Sarah Shen thought Bonny Lu would tried everything to make her suffer because of the issues between her and Linda Xia in the past. And what's worse, Sarah Shen once took Bun to the Bureau and tried to torture her.

But Sarah Shen had no choice but swallowed it since she was stuck in this training program with Bun, who happened to be her instructor. And she was also sure that Bonny Lu would tear her apart bit by bit if she never fought back.

However, if she managed to provoke Bun into giving her unjust and harsh treatment, Then that would be her chance to take it to her grandfather!

She could accuse Bun of abusing her power and punishing students to settle personal scores.

Alas, Sarah Shen miscalculated the situation.

Bun didn't even bother to pay her any attention, let alone picking up a fight with her.

Bun was a generous girl who had no interest in holding grudge against others. Though there were unpleasant moments between her and Sarah Shen, Bun chose to let them all go after Sarah Shen received her punishments.

And Bun had no intention to pick on Sarah Shen so long as she behaved herself and didn't try to mess up with Bun aga

grandfather would definitely throw her back here again to save the dignity of the Shen clan.

The Shen clan had been cultivating excellent police officers for three generations in a row.

However, Sarah Shen was spoiled by her grandfather and failed to live up to the trust her family had put in her.

After running for 1.8 miles, Sarah Shen's body had reached its limits. She felt as if her head was about to explode and she couldn't move any further.

"I can't do it!"

"You can't? But you have to."

Bun ran to Sarah Shen and pulled her up from the ground, "Stand up and finish your running!"

Such was the will of a true soldier. Even if you passed out during the training, your teammates would carry you up to finish the rest of the training.

Bun had given Sarah a direct order!

Bun dragged Sarah Shen and shouted at her, "Come on. How are you supposed to go back to the Bureau if you can't even tackle this?"

2.4 miles.

With Bun's help, Sarah Shen finally made it.

No sooner had they done running than Sarah Shen collapsed to the ground while breathing heavily.

Bun, on the other hand, was still running after the team, "Keep on running if you want to have lunch. Or leapfrog is all you can get."

Finally, the worst of the them ran 4.3 miles and the best of them 8 miles, and Bun was with them all along.

When everyone was exhausted and trying so hard to catch their breath, Bun looked perfectly fine as if 8 miles had only been as simple as lifting a finger for her, "Surrender?"


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