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   Chapter 106 It's a Small World

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"Then marry Sarah Shen if you want to satisfy your father. Leave Bun alone." replied Linda sourly.

"Well, I prefer to choose my wife on my own. And did you see those well-born ladies he tried to set me up with? I like none of them. And I really think Bun is a nice girl." Brian Ho invited himself in and sat down casually on the couch, squinting at Linda with his legs crossed.

"Oh, knock it off."

"Come on, Linda. Just let me try."

"It's not my decision to make. I think Bun is the one you should ask. If she likes you and wants to marry you, then I'm perfectly OK with it. But there's nothing I can help if she doesn't!"

Linda put down the textbook and then held her head while answering him.

"Great, that's all I need from you. And I'll take it as a yes. And by the way, you haven't told me where Bun is. I wanna ask her out for a date."

In case Linda misunderstood his intention, Brian Ho then added, "Relax! I promise I'll behave myself."

Linda looked up at the clock on the wall, noticing that it had already passed ten.

She remembered that Charles Mu said Bun would be home at noon.

So she replied, "Bun is training the freshmen at the police officers academy. She will probably be back by noon! But she will go to the bookstore with me when she gets back. You can ask her out after that."

"No big deal, Linda. I can take you to the bookstore. I know Charles left Bun to you as protection. But you see, I can do it as well, and I'm sure I'm just as capable as Bun. And I can go find Bun after we've done shopping."

Linda thought about his proposal and found it would do.

Bun left early in the morning, and a whole morning of training would definitely wear her out.

Linda was planning to go out with Bun after she got home.

Now that Brian Ho was here and he had offered to help, why not go to the bookstore with him and then they could pick Bun up on their way back.

Linda had always treated Bun as her sister rather than a servant, and therefore she was happy with the plan.

"Alright, let's do this."

"OK, let's go. And Linda, you looked very attractive today." Brian Ho smiled at Linda while playing the key between his

s she troubled Linda again.

Sarah Shen was not stupid. She learnt her lessons and knew how ranks worked in this place. Since Bun was her instructor, she could only swallow her fury and went back to the line.

Only that Sarah Shen accidentally stepped on someone's foot when she got back to her position. Though the person didn't say anything, Sarah Shen's face went completely red with embarrassment.

The others couldn't help tittering.

Bun shouted at them with a fierce stare, "What are you laughing at? Look at yourselves. This is ridiculous! Now attention. Number off!"

"One, two, three, four..."

Apart from those whose parents had connections, people admitted by the academy were strictly selected. They were disciplined and well-trained. Once they heard Bun's order, they started to number off in an orderly fashion.

Bun glanced over them when they were done. It was in the morning and she didn't have to worry about her students getting sunstroke while running. So she gave the order, "Now run around the track. Ten laps to warm up!"

What the heck?

Sarah Shen was stunned. A lap was 1312ft, and ten laps would be 2.4 miles... How could she make it?

Sarah Shen didn't even took part in the training when she was a freshman. However, Lord Shen was determined about the matter, and it seemed Sarah Shen couldn't find a way to skip it this time.

"Are you kidding us? 2.4 miles to warm up? Are you trying to kill us?"

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