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   Chapter 105 Turn over a New Leaf

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Linda's lips were slightly twitching as she didn't know what to say. She could only took a deep sigh and then shook her head, "Fine. But only because I'm in good mood today."

Charles Mu smoothly put a smile on his handsome face, "That's my wife."

Seeing the intimacy between them two, Brian Ho immediately jumped to his feet and ran away from the table while muttering, "Damn it... I can't stand it any longer. Showing off in my face? Just wait for me to find a wife and show off in front of you two for a change!"

Linda chose to ignore Brian's groans and moans and simply sat still, waiting for Charles Mu to shell the prawns and feed her.

After they had done eating, Charles Mu put his hands gently around Linda's waist to hold her in his arms, and then they lay down together on the lawn and looked up at the starry night sky.

"Honey, here's a thing. I'm afraid Bun couldn't stay around to protect you for a while. So I'll leave Paul to you," said Charles Mu.

Linda was surprised, "What? What's wrong? Is Bun leaving us?"

"Not exactly, just for a few days. It's the annual military drill of the police training school. Bun trains the new recruits as a drillmaster every year. It'll take about seven days, I think."

"I see." Linda nodded and then said, "You don't have to keep me protected. I don't think it could be dangerous anyway."

"Alright, it's OK if you don't want Paul around. All the trainings are in the morning, so Bun will be home by afternoon. Just wait for Bun if you need to go out, otherwise I'll be worried."

Linda had been kidnapped once, and that's why Charles Mu left Bun to protect Linda.

Linda was once kidnapped by Walker Chen because he hated Linda for ruining his life.

And Walker Chen was not even Charles Mu's business rivals but simply a nobody.

He was hardly a threat, for he could tracked Walker Chen down whenever he wanted.

But even so, Charles Mu was scared horribly and came to Linda's rescue himself.

He wouldn't dare imagine what could have happened if he was too late to save her.

That's the main reason why Charles Mu gave Linda that dragon ring right after he took her bac

ast. Afterwards, she took a walk in the garden to help digestion and then went back to her room to keep on studying chemistry books.

It was about noon when a servant came to inform her, "My Lady, Young Master Brian Ho is here."

Linda laid down her books as she heard the news. Then she thought Brian Ho was probably here for Charles Mu. However, Charles Mu was not home at the moment.

Linda was just about to tell the servant to dismiss Brian Ho when she heard his uninhibited voice.

"Hey, Linda. You seem to be in good mood. Are you a big fan of books?"

Linda glanced at him and then said calmly, "They're just textbooks. Are you here for Charles Mu? He's in the company, not here. You can come back later in the afternoon or go straightly to his office."

Brian Ho's lips were curled into a wicked smile. He then reached out a finger and shook it in front of Linda, "I'm not here for him. Actually I'm here for Bun. Where is Bun?"

"What? Bun? Why are you looking for her?"

Could it be that he took her earlier jokes seriously? The last thing Linda wanted was to see Bun got hurt. So her guard was up as soon as she realized what he might be up to.

"Linda, I really mean it when I said I'm into Bun. Can you at least give me a shot? You see, I'm turning over a new leaf. I'm not who I used to be anymore. You know what? I just want to marry someone and have my own family, and hopefully please my father in the same time."

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