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   Chapter 104 What if I Peel Them for You

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"It's rather complicated. I only heard of the Mu clan. As for other clans, I know nothing about them."

Bun nodded, "It's fine. All the four major clans tend to stay low-profile. As for Mu clan, what you see is just a tip of an iceberg. I don't know much, for it's family secret. "

As Bun's speech ended, Linda had finished cooking the dish.

"Bun, take this to them."

Linda was also boiling peanuts on another gas stove, for she was planning to make a brine boiled peanuts for them.

"All right, My Lady."

Bun went out with the dish in her hands.

Linda stayed at the kitchen to continue her cooking.

In the garden, Charles and Brian had already started their drinking spree.

"Charles. It's been two years since we last met. Do you miss me?"

Charles cast an indifferent glance at him, "Why would I miss you?"

"Damn, now you have a wife, you forget your brother? I have stayed in the army for two years. An extremely boring place. Since I've come back, I shall take every opportunity to treat myself."

"So what's your point?"

"You have to hang out with me!"

"I have to hang out with my wife."

Brian was a little upset, yet he smiled, his enchanting eyes narrowing, "Have you no pity for single man like me? It looks like I should find myself a woman to warm my bed."

"What? Warm your bed? Do you want to be thrown back to the army?" Charles raised his eyebrows.

Brian was annoyed by his words. He drank some beer and said, "I won't hit on those wealthy ladies this time. Shit...... That woman Sandy Shen. Had it not been her...... I wouldn't have gone back to the army and lived a life without women around for two years. The barrack is simply too rough a place for a handsome guy such as myself."

"Master Brian......" Her name's Sarah Shen......"

Bun was walking towards them when they were talking. What Brian said amus

e with her again. But your pride won't allow that!"


Brian choked as he spewed out the beer.

He wiped his mouth, and stared at Linda incredulously, "Shit, how come you know that! ! Who told you?"

"I just know. So never lay hands on Bun. I'm warning you. Or else. I will help Sarah and force you to marry her."

"There's no way I'ill marry Sarah Shen!"! Shit!"

"... It's not up to you, lad...... If you resist, maybe your grandfather will send you back to the army for another two years."

Brian was obviously rattled by this very idea......

"My fault. It's all my fault......"

The sight of him begging suddenly gave Linda an evil idea. She looked at his regretful face, "Beg me. And I will let it go......."

Brian: TAT

Of course, it was a joke.

Seated besides Charles, Linda cast a glance at the fried squids and shrimps.

She found that even though the squids had been eaten a lot, the shrimps were mostly untouched. So she asked, "Why don't you have some shrimps? Is it because it doesn't taste good?"

"No." Charles shook his head. His black eyes were fixing on her. But Linda could not tell what he was thinking.

Did he mean he want her to peel the shrimps for him?

"What if I peel it for you?"

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