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   Chapter 103 Sarah Forced Brian to Marry Her

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Hearing this, Brian was astonished, beer spewing out of his month.

"She's so interesting......"

Raising his eyebrows, Charles turned and cast a doting glance at her. He said, "Honey, anything would do. He hasn't eaten for days."

"Ok, I'll cook some more." Linda smiled, squirting, her eyes as lovely as crescent moons.

The wind at night was strong. Dim moonlight shone upon her face, making her look like an elegant goddess.

Bun followed Linda into the kitchen, intending to help her prepare the food.

Linda opened the refrigerator and saw some squids, shrimps and other raw materials in it. An idea came to her that she could make a fried squids and shrimps out of them. The dish is rather tasty and it went well with the beer.

Linda used to cook this dish for her little sister.

But the squids and shrimps were rather expensive, so to cut the budget, Linda would use the cheaper dried sea shrimps. But the taste was not as good as using the fresh shrimps.

Though Linda scrimped on everyday expense, she still could only afford to make this dish once a month for Cindy.

However, in the Mu clan, they have got all the ingredients and high quality seasonings in the fridge, Linda believed she could make tasty dishes out of them.

"Bun, who's that man? What's his story?"

Linda had been with Charles for a long time, but she had never seen Charles call anyone "brother".

While helping Linda washing the vegetables, Bun replied, "He's Brian Ho, the eldest grandson of Ho clan in the North."

Linda nodded thoughtfully. Another silver-spoon kid......

Bun laughed and said, "My lady, try not to look down on him. He's a general in the army, way above me. Besides, he earned his rank through merit. It is said that he had been on some dangerous classified solo mission. And the missions were all accomplished beautifully within the shortest of time."

"Is tha

days ago.

While listening to the story, Linda kept on cooking. All the ingredients was chopped and soused. She then proceeded to cook them in a wok.

She poured some cooking oil in the wok, and then put some meat and vegetables in, quick-fried for a few seconds, and waited for them to change colors.

She then moved them into a bigger wok, and threw in prepared sauce and reasonings like black pepper and salt, and then braised them for thirty minutes. The dish was finally finished.

It was interesting to hear Bun's story. But Linda noticed that Bun had called the Ho clan as the Ho clan in the North. She then asked, " Why did you call Brian's clan 'the Ho clan in the North?"

What's the story?

Bun glanced at Linda in surprise, and replied:"My lady...... It surprises me that you don't know about it...... In SH City, there exists four major clans, Mu clan in the South, Ho clan in the North, and Huo clan in the East.

"That's three clans. What about the fourth? What's in the West?"

"At the West lies a mysterious clan. It's the Wang clan at the West. Fifty years ago, they've already expanded to the European market. I don't know much about them. I just heard from the Young Master that they might be more powerful than Mu clan......"

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