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   Chapter 102 A Free Gift for Topping up His Phone

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Violet had been very angry.

But it had been a long time since then. She always thought highly of Amy, for Amy was obedient and adorable, so her anger had gradually faded away.

When she finished her last slice of orange, Violet stood up and aproached Amy.

"If you really like Charles, chase him in a normal way. The first time you drugged him, and the second time you exposed their erotic photos, which has undermined the reputation of the Mu clan. No wonder Charles thinks badly of you."

Amy was both regretful and scare in equal measure, and tears started to stream down her cheeks. "Mother, it won't happen again. I really like Charles. That's the only reason why I have done all these."

"Charles has got engaged with Linda Xia and he truly loves her. Although I don't like her, I have to respect the decision he has made. So...... You have to let it go. Amy, I know you're a decent girl. You will find your own happiness one day."

Violet signed and squatted down. She pat Amy on the head, which had made Amy cry even louder. Putting her arms around Violet, Amy then started to whimper.

Violet felt bad for her. She knew full well how it felt not being able to be with the one you loved.

"Listen. Go back home, and get packing. Return to England and continue your study. Your holiday are almost over. Don't come back in the next few years."

Bob looked at his daughter with a long face. He couldn't stand seeing her suffering, but he was also angry, for she was far out of line this time. He had never expected her daughter to make such a mess.

In his heart, Amy would always be adorable. She had always obeyed her parents since childhood. But she had changed since she met Charles. Bob could never figure out why she was so obsessed with him.

Maybe just because people always adore those they cannot get.

"Father, I still have a month before my hol


Brian was apparently stunned by her words. The corners of his mouth twitched, "Little Junnior?"

"Right...... You call my husband Big brother. So what's the problem with me calling you little junior?" Linda blinked her sparkling eyes as she answered.

He was struck dumb by her explanation......

"Paul, go fetch a case of beer." Smiling, Charles ordered.

"Yes, Young Master, "

In the garden, servants had laid a large-sized table cloth on the ground, on which Charles and Brian sat.

"What a pity! Beer without snacks." Brian grabbed a bottle of beer. He opened the lid with his tooth and chugged it.

In Linda's eyes, when Brian was doing this, he was like an enchanting woman drinking wine.

"snacks? I can make some. I'll leave you two have your little chat."

It must have been long time since they last met, so they should have a lot to say. Linda headed to the kitchen, planning to cook something for them. It just so happened she was hungry, too.

Brian raised his head and laughed, "Linda. You are such a good wife! You can cook? Charles. Where did you find her?"

Charles didn't reply. Heading to the kitchen, Linda turned her head and laughed, "I was given to him as a free gift when he topped up his phone."

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