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   Chapter 101 Forgive the Qi Clan One More Time

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Hearing what she just said, Amy got nervous. What? Linda recorded their conversations? How was that possible?

The dragon ring could be used as a audio recorder. So when Linda met Amy today in the toilet, she pressed the record button to record everything they talked about.

The recordings stored in the dragon ring could be transmitted to a laptop through Bluetooth.

After Bun took the laptop to her, Linda turned on the bluetooth of her ring to deliver those recordings.

Then the recordings were played one by one...

It began with Amy shouting at Linda to get her attention, followed by Linda's response telling Amy to let go.

It's pretty clear that Amy was bullying Linda.

Amy turned white. She never thought that Linda would record it.

"Lady Qi, You are way out of line. It would seem you have a lot of grievances against my wife-to-be. Hum?"

Charles Mu looked at Amy with his cold and daunting eyes.

"No...that's not true..."

Amy kept shaking her head out of nervousness.

"It seems that the Qis want to lose your business at SH city, " snorted Charles.

Amy Qi fell into a panic and turned around to look at her father who remained silent.

If the Mu clan really meant to push the Qi clan out of business, there's no way the Qis could save themselves. Bob Qi knew that even though James Mu was his old friend, the Qi clan was nonetheless no match to the Mu clan. The Mus were more powerful and richer than them.

They were friends, but that was about it.

Amy turned her pitful eyes toward Violet Xing and said miserably, "Mother (sworn mother)."

Violet Xing glanced at her and then looked away.

Finally, her eyes settled on Linda. Violet said, "Peel an orange for me."

Linda was baffled by her words. What was she playing at?

But Linda didn't say anything. She picked up an orange and started peeling it.

Amy Qi felt upset that her lovin

inous silence in this room. Violet Xing was eating the orange with her head down.

"Bob, we are still old family friends even if you can't be our in-laws. Since Charles is not interested in your daughter, there's nothing we can do. Relationship can't be manipulated, you see. For what happened today, I can plead with Charles for you. But next time I don't think I can be of any help. Charles is the one who's running the Mu Group, you see, "

Said James Mu after keeping silent for some time.

"Thank you."

Hearing Bob Qi saying "thank you" to him, James Mu was filled with thoughts and emotions. The Mu clan and the Qi clan were inevitably drifting apart, because what Amy had done had made them enemies. Amy had been trying to marry Charles Mu, but Charles Mu had already been engaged to Linda. There's no way Amy could get what she'd been dreaming of. It wouldn't do her any good to keep being obsessed with Charles.

Violet Xing looked at Amy and somewhat felt sorry for her. She'd been very kind to Amy during the past years. And the reason why she gave Amy the cold shoulder now was because she still couldn't get past the fact that Amy used to drug her son.

How could she drug Charles with some potent aphrodisiac which would ruin his health?

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