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   Chapter 100 The Relation Between the Qi and Mu Clan Broke Off

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Linda tugged at Charles Mu's sleeves behind him to hint that she agreed with what his father just said.

It was only until then did Charles Mu drop the idea of revealing what Amy Qi had done.

He stared at James Mu and Bob Qi for three seconds and beckoned Paul to get down from the stage with the laptop.

Amy's heart almost missed a beat. There must be something against her in the USB flash drive. If what's in it had been exposed to so many people, the Qi clan would have become the everyone's laughingstock.

The next thing Charles Mu did was to pick up the microphone and said, "Sorry about that, everybody. Actually the man in these pictures was me."

As the whole crowd went silent, Charles Mu continued, "That was just a harmless role play between Linda and I. But...

So that's why

That explained why Charles Mu didn't get mad at Linda when he saw the pictures. It was because the man in the pictures was himself.

They really knew how to have fun and

Even went to the Crown Club for role play.

Everybody on the spot could sense how much Charles Mu loved Linda.

And Charles Mu made no attempt to conceal it.

If he even had not been able to protect his beloved woman, then there's no point in owning the whole Mu Group.

Hearing what he just said, Amy Qi's mind went blank.

The man in these pcitures was Charles Mu?

Why didn't she notice it?

Amy began to regret that she didn't examine the pcitures thoroughly before taking action. She should have not let a little excitement go to her head.

She got the pictures from an anonymous e-mail in which there were only the two pictures and nothing else.

Aftering looking into the Crown Club, Amy found out that the waitresses of it could provide some special services, including having sex with their customers.

Then Amy connected what she knew with the second picture and came to the conclusion that Linda might do something like that.

She had planned to insult Linda by these pictures, but didn't expect to shoot herself in the foot.

After the engagement party, in the presidential suite 1201 of

t she just said, Linda picked up a grape, peeled it slowly and said, "I called you names?" "

"Of course! How can I make the bruise by myself?" said Amy as she tipped her chin upward.

Linda glanced at people present and managed to squeeze out some tears as quickly as she could.

"Darling, she's trying to frame me!"

Charles Mu looked at Linda with a smile.

This move of Linda was unexpected.

He thought she would attack Amy Qi with her sharp tongue, but instead she held his arms with tear-filled eyes.

Her pitiable look melted Charles's heart.

"There's no need to worry. I am here with you."

If eyes could kill people, Amy would have killed Linda over 100 times. Now Amy was staring at Linda with her red-rimmed eyes.

Amy went crazy when she heard Linda called Charles "Darling".

Linda glanced at Amy Qi who was on the brink of losing her mind and said, "You want to say that I am using my husband's influence to bully you, right? Well, we should let the evidence do the talking then."

After saying that, Linda shouted at the door, "Bun, bring me a laptop."

Thirty seconds later, Bun knocked at the door and walked in with a laptop in her hands.

Linda lowered her head with a light smile and twisted the dragon head ring on her finger, "Turn on the bluetooth. I've got some audio clips. Lady Qi accused me of calling her names. Let's see whether it's true."

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