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   Chapter 99 Nobody Was Allowed to Hurt his Beloved Linda

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It's so hard to locate a person in a place that's far from the downtown of SH city, not easier than locating a fish in an occean.

So Amy believed that there's no way they could find the waiter. She felt relieved and thought all she needed to do was to calm down and followed the development of their investigation.

She should have kept her thoughts to herself back in the toilet, but the desire to mock Linda got the better of her.

She hated Linda so much.

Amy believed it's Linda who stolen Charles Mu from her.

Although Charles Mu had never been interested in her in the past decades, Amy wasn't upseted by it given the fact that he was not interested in anyone else either.

Amy Qi went into panic when Linda came into the picture. What's worse, Charles Mu seemed to be attracted to her and surprisingly consented to get engaged to her.

"I gave you two minutes to confess what you did, " said Charles Mu as he glanced at the guests with pitiless eyes.

Hearing what he said, nobody said anything.

Amy felt nervous and held her breath.

Two minutes later, Paul came back followed by two men in black suits. The two was escorting a man in white T-shirt and black pants to the hall.

Paul hustled the man onto the stage and kicked him at his knee to make him kneel.

"Young Mater, he is the guy. We located him at the east railway station when he is aboard the high-speed rail 567S from SH city to FW city. His name is Luke Zhang, a waiter of RO, " said Paul with respectful tone.

"Yes, " With his face being expressionless, Charles Mu nodded and looked at the trembling man kneeling on the floor.

As soon as those pictures appeared on the screen, the WSS intelligence network began to look into the whole thing

To find out who was bold enough to sabotage Charles Mu's engagement party. The one had to pay for it.

"You are Luke Zhang, right? Which hand do you use to click your mouse?"

Luke Zhang was baffled by what he just said and answered, "Most folks use right hands."

"OK, drag him out and break his right hand. Then

nue to work in the Crown Club?"

Amy's explanation really made sense.

Charles Mu turned around and glanced at Paul. Paul understood immediately and brought over a laptop. Then he took a USB flash drive out of his pocket and inserted in into the laptop.

Bob Qi looked at the whole thing with an unreadable expression on his face and didn't say anything.

But when he saw that Paul took out the USB flash drive, he felt he had to do something or the Qi clan would be disgraced. Bob Qi stood up and said, "Young Master, you are getting engaged with Lady Xia today. Don't be distracted by such a trivial stuff. Finish the ceremonies first and then you can solve the whole thing in private. All of the guests are waiting for you."

Charles Mu was about to refuse him when James Mu got up to prevent him and said, "All right, go ahead with the ceremonies first. Charles, this investigation can wait. Talk with Amy about it later. There may be some misunderstandings involved."

Charles Mu understood what his father meant. There's no need to work the entire thing out in front of so many people. Most of them were just rubbernecks. If Charles had pointed out that it's Amy Qi who's behind the mess, the Qi clan would have been disgraced and the relations between the Qi and Mu clan would have been totally broken off.

But nobody was allowed to hurt his beloved Linda.

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