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   Chapter 98 How Did You Do Credit to the Mu Clan

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"Yes, Young Master." Paul nodded and left.

Linda stood where she was and the corner of her month was slightly twitching.

Charles Mu seemed to have believed she had an affair with someone else and got angry by it.

Charles Mu must know the man in these pictures was himself. So why the long face?

Linda touched Charles Mu's palm with her pinkie and asked, "You can't really think I cheated on you? You don't remember the man on these pictures was yourself?"

Charles Mu still pulled a long face and said, "People can see your bra straps in these pictures!"


Linda turned to the screen and saw that her clothes was torn by him and the bra straps almost slided down her shoulders, which made her look pretty hot.

It turned out that Charles Mu got angry because of this. Linda felt amused.

"He is so possessive!" thought Linda.

The two pictures has been deleted soon after they're showed on the screen. But all the guests had saw it. So Charles Mu felt pretty irritated. He didn't want anyone else to know how hot his wife-to-be can be.

The crowd had been talking in whispers.

The prepared PPT which was full of pictures of Charles Mu and Linda was back on the screen.

So many mind-blowing things happened today. It's a lot to take in for the guests.

They wondered whether they wanted to proceed with this engagement or not?

What will be done to this Lady Xia? Will their engagement be called off?

There's no way a proud man like Charles could accept such humiliation.

While they're discussing it with each other, Charles Mu raised the microphone and said, "Everybody, listen. I am terribly sorry for the chaos."

His words sent them all into silence. Some of them guessed Charles Mu was going to call off his engagement.

Amy Qi with a sterile dressing on her head found her wound didn't hurt so much as before after it was disinfected. But she had strained her back when she fell down and it hurt so much now.

But she wanted to see how embarrassed Linda would be when everyone saw these pi

y cameras installed in this whole floor. It showed that someone has tampered with the RO computer system and added these pictures in our files. It turns out that the one who did all of this is among us. No matter who you are. I am going to give you a chance to confess all of it and say sorry to Linda. Or... ..."

Another round of whispers broke out among the crowd. What was going on?

Did Charles Mu only want to go after who put those pictures and totally ignore the fact that Linda had once worked in the Crown Club?

After hearing what Charles Mu said and seeing his daunting eyes, Amy could not helping trembling.

She wanted Linda to be kicked out, but she's afraid that Charles Mu could detested her more after knowing she did all of this. So she would never let him know the truth.

Amy told herslef that she must be calm down and no one would think she had something to do with it, because she did not copy these pictures into the system herself. Amy paid one of the waiters of the RO Hotel to do it for her.

And the conversation between she and the waiter could never be recorded in the surveillance camera footage, because they made the deal in an outside resturant.

Amy paid him a lot of money and told him to leave the city forever after he finished his task.

The man left the hotel two hours ago and he might be on a train now.

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