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   Chapter 97 Did Linda Cheat on Charles

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"My Lord... I..."

"You ought to have known better... I loved my wife so much. Why would I want to kill our daughter?" Johnson Xia got more and more emotional.

"..." After hearing what he just said, Donna Xie wanted to explain something to him, but finally gave up.

Linda blurted out what's in Donna Xie's mind.

"She did so becasue she fell in love with Butler Zhou."

That was such an unexpected news.

Johnson Xia fell silent.

People tend to follow every word of the people they fell in love with and are willing to do everything that pleases them.

No matter how much it would cost them to do so.

Linda was sure that Johnson Xia would feel very upset and regret having that man as his butler after he was told the truth.

But she told him anyway, because she believed her father would want to know the truth

There was no need to keep it as a secret.

As they went on talking, Linda just stood by them and remained slient. That was their problem and it better be solved by themselves.

Johnson Xia closed his eyes and took a deep breath, "Well, What's done is done. There is no need to be upset by things happened so long ago. Since Linda has grown into such a healthy and lovely girl, I am very grateful for your efforts."

"No, my Lord. I am so sorry for you and Lady Nalan. I am so sorry for what I have done."

"Let's go to the hall. The party is going to begin soon. I fell bad that I was absent from Linda's childhood. I hope you can live with me when you are in a better health and you can tell me all about what Linda has been through when she was a little girl." said Johnson Xia as he looked at Linda and signed.


The engagement party went very well. The bulk of the wedding rituals were taken care of by the emcee and other staffs. So all that was required of Linda and Charles Mu was for them to go on the stage at the end.

Charles Mu had put the engagement ring on Linda's finger before that.

It was the dragon ring.

"Now, a round of applause for Mr. Mu and Miss Xia."

Said the emcee with a smile.


es, it's Vincent Zhou who took Linda to the villa of he Xia clan at that day. He must know that the man in these pictures was Charles Mu.

So what was the point?

As these pictures appeared on the screen, the guests all began to whisper to each other.

"Is it the uniform of the Crown Club she's wearing?

"... It turned out that Linda, Charles Mu's wife-to-be once worked in the Crown Club? I was told that the waitress here can do anything to please the customers, if you know what I mean.

Suddenly there was the second picture on the screen. It showed that a man with his back to the camera held Linda in his arms.

The first picture may come as a little surprise to the crowd. But the second one was really a bomb.

A bomb that immediately set the whole room on fire.

Linda had cheated on Charles Mu?

Lady Xia had sex with someone else in the hotel?

What a sensation! On top of that, the front-page news was leaked to them on such a special occasion, their engagement party.

Some of the guests began to get excited to see what's the next.

Upon seeing these pictures, Charles Mu remianed silent with his cold eyes, but the corner of his month twitched slightly.

The expression on his face grew grim. All the guests assumed that he was getting angry.

Charles said lightly, "Paul, go find when the pictures entered into our RO computer system."

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