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   Chapter 96 Why Would I Want to Kill My Own Daughter

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"I'm terribly sorry. Please, please pull me back into the room. Then I can tell you the whole thing."

"Tell me first."

"I went to Mr. Zhou's casino and won 50, 000 at first. Then I thought I can continue to earn more money, maybe another 50, 000. But from then on I began to lost and in the end the money I lost was as much as 300, 000."

"Who brought you to his casino?"

Linda did not believe what he said. She knew how Derek Xie was, a person who would quit the game as long as the money he lost was up to a few thousands. There's no way he could gamble away such a fortune.

Someone must have put him up to it.

"It's Mark Wang. He told me it's pretty easy to win money in that casino and he had earned a fortune. I believed and followed him in to the casino."

Mark Wang, a heavy gambler, who used to be Derek Xie's neighbor, He gambled away everything including his house.

His disappointed wife divorced him and left with their son.

After hearing what Derek said, Linda's curling eyelashes fluttered and she understood there was nothing useful she could get from Mark Wang. There's no point in further interrogating him.

"All right. Pull him back in. So it is Vincent Zhou who told you to do all of this today?" said Linda as she shook her head and waved at Bun.

Bun did what she was told and pulled Derek Xie back into the room.

As he was just brought back from the brink of death, Derek Xie was ashen-faced and gasping for air.

"I have no choice, you know. I was told that they would force Lily to be a whore to make money for them if I can't pay their money back. How can I let them do such horrible

Thing to Lily? Maybe she is not a bright kid, but she is my daughter!"

After hearing what he just said, Linda frowned with an unreadable expression on her face. Lily was a well-behaved girl even if she didn't do well in school.

Derek Xie always used Lily as an excuse for the inexcusable things he did to his family. He had once throwed Donna Xie and Cindy

t mood swings and had to sit down.

"Miss Xie, why have you become Linda's foster mother? So it is you who took Linda away from me?"

Donna Xie shook her head and said, "No, it's Vincent Zhou. He brought Linda to me...

... Butler Zhou! It's him again! Johnson Xia clenched his hands into fists.

Johnson Xia had been pretty nice to him.

But he betrayed Johnson by having affairs with May Shen and had Johnson raise his daughter, Lisa Xia. On top of that, he took Linda away from Johnson.

"My Lord, I feel terriby sorry for what I had done to you. I am too shamed to face you. I will be gone."

Donna Xie wiped her tears and began to leave.

Linda stopped her and said, "Mom, you don't have to feel sorry. My father didn't blame you. We know it's not your fault."

Johnson Xia signed, "Miss Xie... tell me the whole thing."

"Butler Zhou brought Linda to me and told me that you got pretty angry because Lady Nalan failed to give birth to a boy for you. So you wanted to kill Linda. Butler Zhou instructed me to leave SH City with her and never come back."

Johnson Xia wept bitterly, "I have never got upset about her delivering a girl for me and there's no way I would want to kill my own daughter. Miss Xie, you had been with us for many years. Didn't you know what kind of person I am? Why would I do that?"

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