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   Chapter 95 It's Disgusting!

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On hearing this, Derek panicked.

Security cameras in the ward of Mu's hospital?

Is that even possible?

"OK, My Lady." Bun nodded indifferently, with a note of disgust in her face.

She had assumed Derek to be a gambler and to be of bad character.

She thought he may just want to benefit from Linda's return to Xia clan and her marriage with the Young Master.

But she didn't expected that he would have the nerve to slander Linda. .

This was not about bad character anymore.

"What do you want to do?" "Don't try to bully me. People are watching! Stop."

Evidently, Bun had struck fear into Derek's heart during their previous encounter.

Every time he caught sight of Bun, he was either punched, or about to be punched.

"Mr. Xie, what do you think I want to do?" said Bun with a smile.

Derek backed away gradually, with a little fear in his eyes. However, Bun's threat was not the only thing he was afraid of.

He was also frightened by what Linda just said.

What he wanted was to pay back his debt as soon as possible. He never expected to be sent to the police for he had done.

When he learned of Linda's engagement with Charles Mu, he secretly asked his daughter, Lily Xie, to do a thorough investigation on the Mu Group.

At that time, he decided he would profit from this marriage.

And he also found out about some gossips regarding the Mu clan.

For example, the Director General of the local Public Security Bureau was Sean Zhang, the brother-in-law of Charles Mu.

Besides... Sean Zhang was able to get the job because Charles Mu had pulled some strings.

What a powerful clan!

At this time Derek had only one idea: once he set foot in the bureau, he would end up dying there. ...

"I said stop!" You......" Derek stuttered out of fear.

Linda approached him, and whispered to his ears, "Derek, I'll give you one last chance. Who sends you here?"

Derek was still hesitating.



"OK, OK, fi

Derek and stared at him.

Derek was embarrassed by her long stare...... "What do you want this time......"

Without saying a word, Bun grabbed Derek's hands, crouched down a little and swept him off his feet with her legs.

Derek bumped onto the ground. He screamed out of the sharp pain.

Then Bun squatted down, grasped Derek by the clothes of his back, and walked towards the window. She then flung him out of the window and hung half of his body there.

It is 18th floor! Looking down, Derek felt dizzy, his heart filled with extreme fear.

His pants' color thickened at the crouch.

He wet himself.

"It's disgusting......" Bun looked at Derek with a disgusted face, and then she pushed Derek's body completely outside the window.

But of course, they could not throw Derek outside the building for real.

It would be murder.

Bun grasped the terrified Derek by the feet with another hand and hung his entire body outside the windowsill.

"My Lady. My arm can hold about ten minutes. After ten minutes...... I will loose him. And he will fall......."

Bun's words had great impact on Derek.

Derek closed his eyes, "Linda, my good niece. I'm innocent. They made me do this. Just let me go, OK? !"

"Stop passing the buck. If you don't gamble, who can threaten you with your debt?"

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