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   Chapter 94 A Pain in the Ass

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From a distance, Linda saw a dim figure standing at the entrance and quarreling with the security guards.

It seemed he was shouting and swearing.

Derek Xie.

Though his features were vague, from the manner Linda could tell he must be Derek Xie.

Not long ago, at the order of Linda, he was tied up by Bun, and thrown out of the hospital.

Now again?

What a pain in the ass.

Linda's brain was racked with pain. Today it is her engagement ceremony. Why would Derek Xie come and try to ruin it?

Most importantly, the media are here today.

They may come up some exaggerated titles to distort the fact, which may undermine the reputation of both the Mu and the Xia clan.

And scandal was the public's favorite.

Linda was stuck within a dilemma, for she couldn't kick him out of the hotel in front of everybody.

It was true that Derek was her uncle, the brother of her mother, Donna. Though Linda was not Donna's biological daughter, she was raised by her since childhood.

Nobody cared about how Derek treated Linda. They would only say Linda was ungrateful.

Now that she managed to return to the Xia clan, and marry into a rich family, how could she turn her back on her uncle, or even, kick him out?

Linda guessed Derek may come for that 400 thousand.

At this time, Paul, along with Donna and Anna, reached the entrance of RO Hotel.

Donna felt a sense of helplessness, when she saw Derek was making a fuss there.

"Derek, it's Linda's engagement ceremony. Don't do this. We can talk later." Donny was about to pull Derek out of there, and prevented him from further disputing with the security guards.

But ungrateful as Derek, he couldn't understand her kindness.

Abruptly he shook off Donna's hand, "Back off, Linda Xia. Come out quickly!"

It was 9 o'clock in the morning. Inside the hall, the reporters, hear


Behind the crowd, Amy was holding her swollen forehead. She had piercing eyes and a grin was hanging on her mouth.

Her thigh still hurt. she had sprained her ankle on her 4-inches high-heels, and her ankle had swollen to the size of a steamed bun.

But regardless of all the pains and her wretched appearance, she still got out of the washroom to see the drama she orchestrated.

Attendants couldn't help looking at her when she came out of the washroom, with messy hair and terrible makeup, yet at the sight of her vicious look, they dared not to approach her and ask if she needed any help. They all lowered their heads and walked past her.

Amy mumbled to herself, "Linda Xia, this is my first present for your engagement. Do you like it? We're not done yet...... This is mere appetizer....... Main dishes are still to come......"

"You don't know him, huh?" "Fine. Bun, take him to the police station. There are security cameras inside the ward of Mu's hospital. Fetch the footage and send it to the police. Also get the footage of the drive recorder in Charles' car and give it to the police. Derek Xie owes me 300 thousand, and it's due tomorrow. If you can't pay me back by then, your house will be taken away."

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