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   Chapter 93 The Betrothal Present Was the Whole Mu Group

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Amused by his words, Linda laughed, her eyes forming two beautiful crescent moons. That was hilarious.

How on earth did Amy get the information about her being a prostitute before at the Crown Club?

She only went there once, when she managed to help Johnson get the contract from Douglas Zhou.

Even the uniform she wore did not belong to her.

"Nothing to say? Can't see it coming, right? The fact I find out about it frightens you, right? If you beg me now, I may consider not to expose you."

Amy raised her eyebrow, her face full of arrogance. Yet the glee in her eyes calmed Linda down.

How can she be so confident?

Linda paused for a while, and asked: "Where did you learn about it?"

Amy snorted, "It's none of your business. You just need to know now you are screwed! I'll expose you for what you really are to Charles."

After finishing her speech, Amy stared at Linda's eyes, hoping to spot any fear or fright in them.

But she was disappointed. Linda's eyes were by no means stirred. They were as calm as they usually were. A faint smile hung on her lip

Amy was astonished. For Linda, the experience of once being a club attendant at the Crown Club before she returned to Xia clan should be something she would never want Charles to know.

Attendant at that club was such a demanding job that they do not just provide normal club services. They would also have to satisfy every possible need of their guests, even with their body......

For Linda, this information was probably a bolt from the blue, a scandal she never saw coming.

Linda looked at her eyes, knowing Amy was expecting something.

From a psychological view, Linda's fluster must be what Amy wanted. Seeing it, Amy's pleasure would elevate to a point it had never reached.

Suddenly an idea crossed Linda's mind.

She pretended to be flustered and held Amy's arm in a flurry, "You can't prove it. You have no evidence."

"Hum!" Just in a while, the evidence will be delivered to Charles. There's nothing else you can do about it."

Xia...... "Do you think Mr. Mu is really in love with you?"

Linda was dazzled.....

"What the hell? What sort of questions are these?" thought Linda.

Seeing this, Bun, standing before Linda and guarding her, was going to scold these reporters and dispelled them.

At that moment Charles's voice called out, "We met at the time when Xia clan had run into business crisis. The betrothal present is the whole Mu Group. We plan to have two children. A boy and a girl. Better yet, two boys or two girls. I will adore them all, as long as they are our children. And I truly love my wife."

Behind the crowd stood Charles Mu, smiling. He began to approach her. On his both sides people automatically retreated, creating a path for him.

When Charles finally got to her, he raised his hand, held her waist and took her in his arm.

Looked at Charles happily, Linda leaned against his broad chest like a docile Persian cat.

"Any further questions will be answered after the engagement ceremony. We promise there will be enough time for you. Now Young Master and his wife are going to get prepared. Thank you for your cooperation."

Paul said to the media.

Suddenly there was a hubbub at the entrance of the hotel. It seemed like someone was making a scene.

Charles was displeased and frowned. Who had the nerve to ruin his engagement ceremony?

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