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   Chapter 92 How Much Is Your Body

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"Oh, Violet, what are you doing! They are so in love with each other. Let it be."

James Mu immediately took Violet's hand to console her.

Violet then held back her temper, but her words still sounded fierce, "No way. It's indecent in my eyes. Anyway, Charles is in charge of Mu Group. Millions of eyes are fixed on him!"

James knew a thing or two about Violet's concerns.

If Charles' deep love for Linda was noticed by his rivals, they would shift their focus to Linda as a way of hurting Charles.

"Mother, I understand what you mean. Don't worry. I will take care of her. Nobody would ever hurt her."

Charles held Linda tightly with his arm round her shoulders.

"I just want to remind you of that."

Linda, Charles, Violet, and James were on the limousine, behind which

Was Bun in another car. They all headed to RO Hotel.

On the other side, Paul would take doctor Anna and Donna Xie to the hotel.

The engagement party would start at about 5 PM. Charles, as the groom-to-be, would begin to greet guests at 4: 30 PM.

Most guests today were either business leaders or wealthy celebrities, all of whom were business partners of the Mu clan. Therefore, Charles had to greet them.

Linda was taking a rest in lounge alone.

She had drunk a lot of water before, so she felt the need to answer the call of nature.

Somehow, her left eyelid had twitched involuntarily all day long, as if something ominous was going to happen. The engagement party was shrouded in dreadful tranquility. But Linda was going to play it by ear.

She had always been frank and honest. She had never done one single thing to be ashamed of. Nothing could pose a threat to her.

Her high heels and long dress made walking a little bit difficult for her. As soon as she edged closer to the ladies room, an unexpected person showed up. It was Amy Qi.

Last time, when her plan failed, Amy ran away from Mu's villa in a flurry.


and erotic photos she had prepared?

It's universally believed that a man with fame and wealth would only be deemed as a play boy if he kept on picking up on girls. It's true to either married men or bachelors.

They would simply be labeled as playboys, nothing more.

When it came to females, things were different. Any indecent image of her would be a deathblow to her.

Amy was determined to dealt Linda a severely blow this time. She hoped that Charles could change his mind about marring Linda. Even if Charles would not fall in love with herself, she would never allow Linda to lead a happy life with him.

"What goes around comes around? It says more about you than me. Haven't you done enough evil deeds?"

"Hum. I'm way better than you, slut. Didn't you work for the Crown Club before you met Charles? You must be popular there, huh? How much do you get from serving a guest?"

Linda shrinked her pupils a little. A trace of amusement appeared in her eyes. She had thought that Amy must have had something on her. But what's the matter with Crown Club?

She just worked as a waitress for one day there to get the contract.

Encouraged by Linda's silence, Amy continued, "What is with the silence? Who would have thought that such an innocent girl used to be a whore!"

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