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   Chapter 91 I Am Not Your Lady

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The sound got Linda's heart pounding. She immediately opened her eyes.

The appearance of Violet Xing shocked her. After all, Violet was her mother-in-law.

Violet Xing took off her sunglasses, under which was her discontent. The two were still cuddling with each other. She raised her eyebrows and frowned.

Charles signed with resignation when he found out it was none other than his own mother who interrupted him. He couldn't do anything to her.

His sharp-tempered mother usually did everything in a brisk and hurried manner.

"Mother, what's wrong with my wife and me making out at our own house?" Charles rubbed his temples, as if he had a headache.

"It's not about making out. You can do it in your room. Why here?" Servants are all looking at you. This is highly inappropriate."

Though Violet reproached them in her usual grumpy manner, Linda felt like she had begun to accept her.

Could it be that Amy had let her down with the previous drama?

Charles remained speechless and looked at Linda before he could gave an appropriate responce. "Okay... I get it, Mother."

"Well, that's more like it." Violet was satisfied with Charles' attitude, so her eyebrows cleared. She open the latest Chanel handbag, taking out an exquisitely decorated jewery box. She looked Linda up and down and then handed her the box, saying, "It's for you. Charles' grandmother entrusted me to give it to you as your wedding gift."

Linda showed a mild smile with her rosy lips. "Thank you, Lady Xing."

"Lady? You steal my son and yet still address me as Lady?."

"..." Linda was rattled by the sudden outburst of her future mother-in-law. A trace of confusion and panic in her eyes amused Charles.

"Call me mother."


"As I said before, you should call me mother after getting married."

Linda turned to look at Violet

unhappy tone with his beard quivering.

What's all this about?

Linda couldn't get used to what happened today.


James Mu then nodded and smiled: "Okay, good girl. The necklace looks nice on you. It's our family heirloom. I can't wait to have a grandchild. You two must hurry up. A baby boy is the best. But a baby girl is also fine. Back in the days...Violet got pregnant right after she wore it for a month!"

Obviously, old James had a wonderful day today. His son was going to get engaged and his daughter-in-law was excellent as well as vigorous. Nothing could be better.

"James Mu, what do you mean? Do you mean that it didn't look good on me?"

Violet Xing kicked him in the shin unhappily.

"... "What are you talking about, Violet? Are you jealous of our daughter-in-law?" James shook his head with resignation.

"Linda is not your wife. It's not your business to compliment her."

"Fine... I was wrong. Okay? It is my wife who is the prettiest."


His words put her in a slightly better mood, but then she again caught the sight of those two cuddling each other with fingers crossed and went back on being angry again. "Behave yourselves! Aren't you ashamed of yourselves?"

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