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   Chapter 90 Run 50 Laps around the Garden

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Hearing Linda's call, Charles immediately put on a wicked and gleeful smile.

He walked into the fitting room. Linda saw him walking in from the mirror and covered her naked body subconsciously.

"Damn, where is Bun?"

"My dear wife, what are you going to do with Bun?"

Charles pushed the door wide open and leaned on the wall. He gazed at Linda with a meaningful look.

"You are not getting it today! Just forget it! Hum!"

"Well? Is that so?"

On hearing what she said, Charles walked towards her and held her into his arms tightly. "And if I insist? What will you do?", said he erotically.

"Then I... I..."

She searched her mind for a good punishment, with her eyebrows raising and eyes rolling.

"Huh? You will what?"

"Then I will cry!" Right on cue, her eyes began to brim with tears, which made Charles feel sorry.

The eyes on his chiseled face got dull. He held Linda more tightly into his arms, comforting her, "There, there. Darling, I'm sorry. Please don't be upset. Please don't cry. I'm just kidding."

"Dare you jerk me around next time?"

"Definately not."

"Hum, that's more like it. Zip me up right now or I will give you a hard time."

Linda gently pushed him off while putting on a proud face. Charles was rendered speechless. This girl was quite the actress.

And yet, the mere sight of her back was enough to sweep him off his feet.

He gently pressed on her back, then kept gazing at it. Linda, waiting for the zip to go up, looked back and caught the sight of his eager eyes.

She blushed out of shame and anger, Which, however, looked rather lovely and cute in Charles' eyes.

"Zip me up, or sleep in the living room alone tonight."

His fingers lingered for another two seconds and then z

ched again. She became speechless and turned to watch Bun running laps.

Looking back, Bun noticed Linda was watching her, so she waved back with smile and ease.

Before Linda could think about what to do next, her rosy lips were covered by Charles'. Charles held her waist with one hand and pulled her head closer as he robbed her hair with the other hand.

Bun, running laps in the garden, couldn't help peeping at them.

Seeing what he was doing, Bun, whose smiling face turned into a sad face, could not hold back her complaints. "Fuck... I have spent one hour on Lady Linda's hairstyle! Young Master destroyed it in only three seconds!"

The nearby servants, who followed Bun's line of vision and caught the sight the two loving birds, all giggled behind their hands.

A black Rolls-Royce whizzed past and stopped at the gate. James Mu and Violet Xing got off the car.

Violet Xing wore a pocker face behind her sunglasses, as if someone had owned her a million.

She walked towards the guest hall on her 3.9 inch high heels, swaying her not-slender hips.

On seeing them, she grew ever more furious.

"People are watching! Behave yourselves!"

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