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   Chapter 89 Come Zip Me Up

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"You can go. Come and tell us when his Lordship is back." Amanda Zhang quirked up her eyebrows and dismissed all the servants in the room.

When they were finally left alone, Amanda Zhang said, "Things are going well according to Vincent Zhou. Come engagement day, Charles Mu and Linda Xia will be in for a big surprise."

After hearing that, Amy Qi's lips were curled into a vicious smile.

She actually prepared a few huge engagement presents for Linda Xia!

"Now listen, sweetheart, you have to control yourself and keep it calm. Otherwise it will end up just like last time."

Amanda Zhang had been thinking about what happened in the Mu's main house, and she came to the conclusion that they were acting way too recklessly. First of all, even though Charles Mu had been drugged, he was bound to wake eventually.

And once he came to his consciousness, he would hold it against Amy Qi even if he couldn't any evidence.

Charles Mu was a man of his own principle. He would never tolerate such a furtive behavior.

Charles Mu could just had Amy Qi on that bed without even thinking of marrying her later if he wanted. And the Qi clan could do nothing to him, for it was Amy Qi who voluntarily threw herself into his bed.

Besides, they were living in the 21st century. Charles Mu wouldn't have to be responsible and marry Amy Qi even if someone should find out about them sleeping together.

Either way, her baby daughter was more likely to be the one who got hurt in the end.

Men were all fickle and unfaithful, and Amanda Zhang obviously knew it better than her daughter. For instance, Bob Qi would never have married her if she were not pregnant with Amy Qi and threatened him with that.

"Your father could never know what we have done, or he will be furious with us again."

Amanda Zhang took Amy Qi's hands and caressed them gently, trying to comfort her.

"Yes, I know. How could I let father know about this? But I really don't know what father was thinking about. I'm his own daughter. Didn't he care about my happiness? Why didn't he help me? I don't know why he scolded me instead. Why can't I do something to secure my own happiness

ver a small bag to Linda, "Here you are."

"Young Master, where did you go? What's it taking you so long?"

Charles Mu said nothing, and a few seconds later, he decided to ignore her question.

How could he tell Bun the truth? How could he tell them he was standing outside the store for almost an hour only because he was too embarrassed to go in?

Linda then touched her nose and said, "Well, he probably drove to the store in another city..."

"Do you mean you need some help changing your clothes?" threatened Charles Mu while he stared at Linda, looking both embarrassed and angry.

"Piss off! I don't need your help!" Linda immediately grabbed the bag and the dress and then dashed into the changing room.

And she double-checked to make sure the door was locked after she got in, Leaving Bun and Charles Mu waiting outside.

"Bun, you'd better go change too. I believe Linda had brought you a lot of dresses last time. Go pick one."

"Yes, Young Master." answered Bun with a nod, and then she went back to her room cheerly.

Linda was putting on the dress that Charles Mu specially picked out for her. It was a stunning dress embroideried with canary yellow patterns and trimmed with lace. It was exactly how Linda would like it.

However... The zip was on the back of the dress. Linda tried several times and still failed to reach it. She had no choice but yelled, "Bun, come in and zip me up. I can't do it myself."

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