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   Chapter 88 Not This Dress!

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"Young Master, I thought you won't be back until noon. Why are you home so early today? Did you cancel the meeting?"

Asked Bun while looking at the clock on the wall, which showed that it was only a few minutes past 10.

Charles Mu did went to the company and had two meetings in a row, and he finished them as quickly as he could. It's his engagement day, and he could no longer contain himself.

That's why he ended those meetings hastily and then headed straightly back home.

Charles Mu nodded as he stared at Linda who were sitting in front of the mirror. She did not normally wear any make-ups, and therefore this time she looked extremely stunning with the make-up on. Even Charles Mu couldn't look away.

"And by the way, Bun. You just said you forgot something. What was that?" asked Paul.

They still had time before the party. And Paul thought if Bun forgot anything, he could help her. It was Young Maser's engagement day, and thus nothing should go wrong in such a big day.


With a sudden blush, Bun seemed a little bit embarrassed.

"What is it?"

"It's kind of awkward to say..."

"..." Paul looked completely puzzled.

"Bun, what exactly did you forget? Just tell us." Linda was confused as well.

"My Lady... Are you sure that you want me to say this?" Bun glanced at Charles Mu and Paul with obvious hesitation in her eyes.

"Just spit it out..."

Linda didn't understand why Bun faltered... She simply didn't see the point in Bun's hesitation.

But Linda was proved wrong once Bun started to talk. And she only wished there had been a hole on the ground for her to hide into.

"I forgot to prepare the strapless bra for Lady Linda. And the dress doesn't go with straps..."

Linda didn't know what to say, Neither did Charles Mu. And of course, Paul widened his eyes in surprise as well.

"Alright, I'll go buy it."

Charles Mu slightly curled his lips while looking at Linda with a glint of teasing in his eyes.

Linda felt a little uncomfortable about being gazed upon by Charles Mu. It felt like he was stripping off her clothes with his aggressive eyes as he glanced over her body.

Bun looked at Linda and then turned back to Charles M

l just focusing on their own jobs.

Obviously Lady Amy was throwing a tantrum again.

"Why? Why on earth could that slut marry Charles Mu? What the heck did he see in her? I really don't get this. What is it that she has and I don't?"

The more Amy Qi said, the angrier she became. She grabbed another vase and then tossed it to the ground, which gave out a huge sound.

The vase shattered into a few pieces. And it was definitely not a pleasant sight.

The servants inside the house were also trembling with fear.

Lady Amy had been losing her temper and throwing things every now and then lately. And she would even slap them sometimes without any reason. It was really annoying, but they wouldn't dare to fight back.

Sitting on the couch, Amanda Zhang felt so sorry for her daughter, who seemed to have pined away for the past two weeks. Even though she had put the delicate full make-up on, It could hardly cover her black eyes.

Amanda Zhang was also a little depressed because Violet Xing had been keeping her at a distance deliberately ever since the whole aphrodisiac thing. And they hadn't talked as friends for quite a long while. Violet Xing would talk to her only when she had to, and she was always cold and distant.

"Alright, Amy. Don't be so mad. It's only engagement. Nothing is settled yet."

Amy Qi took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down. Then she asked, "What about Vincent Zhou? Is everything going well as he planned?"

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