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   Chapter 87 Do You Want to Marry Charles Mu

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Adam Huo's eyes darkened and he suddenly slapped Lisa Xia on her body. Lisa Xia let out a muffled groan.

She wouldn't dare to scream. The man terrified her deeply...

He once said to her that pets were not allowed to be afraid of pains...

And so she could only take it quietly.

Besides, Adam Huo had promised her that he would help with her revenge if she behaved well.

With May Shen behind bars and Vincent Zhou went missing, that evil man seemed to be the only one that Lisa Xia could count upon.

"Master, I've been acting well these days. Are you satisfied with me?" Lying obediently at Adam Huo's feet, Lisa Xia was too frightened to raise her head.

Lisa Xia had been humiliated by Adam Huo in more ways than she could imagine. Adam Huo was a total freak...

Adam Huo narrowed his eyes with a slow nod, "Yeah."

"Then when will master help me with my revenge?"

"What do you want me to do?"

"Linda Xia has ruined my life! I want to cut her into a thousand pieces!" said Lisa Xia from her gritted teeth.

She looked like a vicious serpent who would tear Linda apart and eat her alive.

"Cut her into pieces?" Adam Huo repeated her words with a smile, and his voice was as soft as spring breeze that gently blew over.

He was drumming his fingers at the edge of the table while speaking, making the continual sounds of "Dong... Dong... Dong..." However the drumming sound together with his deep but pleasant voice made Lisa Xia feel more terrified than ever before.

Adam Huo was thinking about his brother Robert Huo, who seemed to have a crush on Linda, and so it might break Robert Huo's heart if he did something to Linda.

"That's right. I want to cut her into pieces and make sure she's condemned for all eternity. I want her to pay for what she has done to me!" The room was so quiet that people could piratically hear the sound of Lisa Xia gnashing her teeth.

Lisa Xia was furious, and obviously she had no intention of letting go of Linda without torturing her first.

"Don't you want to marry Charles Mu? I

"Well, I don't have a preference. It's up to you. Just make me attractive though. Haha." There was a glimmer of smile in Linda's watery eyes, and her face was glowing with tenderness. Bun could even feel her happiness by just standing next to her.

"And by the way, the dress you are going to wear was hand-picked by Young Master himself and he also has the high heels tailor-made for you by a high-end brand affiliated to the Mu company. They are so gorgeous and so comfortable to wear. I bet your feet won't feel a thing."

There was a large box on the table.

"Is that it?" Linda turned around and pointed at the box.

Bun nodded and replied, "Yes. Paul told me that Young Master has been choosing your dress for two weeks."

The corners of Linda's mouth were slightly quirked up. So he had taken this relationship seriously since then?

Linda's skin was so smooth that Bun only gave her some foundation and then a light blusher, which was enough to make she look extraordinarily beautiful.

Having done with the makeup, Bun went to the other end of the table and took out the dress.

"Oops, My Lady. That's not good. I forgot something!" Bun frowned and looked very anxious.

"What do you forget?"

There were two voices asking Bun the same question simultaneously.

One from Linda, and the other from Charles Mu who just walked into the house.

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