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   Chapter 85 Take Control of Her Man

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The body of Donna shivered. She kept staring at Linda with mixed feeling in her eyes, but in the end, words seemed to have failed her.

Linda just wanted to know her concerns.

She didn't expect Donna to react like that.

Why would Donna refuse to meet with Johnson?

Have they met before?


Is it possible that her foster mother had had an affair with his father......

Suddenly this idea popped out in Linda's mind.

"Mom, Is there something...... between you and dad...... that I don't know......."

Hearing this, Donna burst into anger and said:" What are you talking about?" Nothing would ever happen between me and His Lordship."

"His Lordship?"

Linda repeated. She had never heard Donna called her dad Lord before.

"......" Staring at Linda, Donna signed, "Linda, smart as you, I don't think we can hide anything from you."

Donna picked up the nearby glass, drank some hot water, and said: "When Lady Nalan married to the Xia clan, I was with her. Lord Xia soon walked down the aisle with Lady Nalan."

"How were things between them?"

Though Johnson Xia once said they were closed to each other, Linda couldn't help asking this question again, for if you want to figure out the truth, you must concentrate on the details.

"When they first married, Lady Nalan didn't like Lord Xia. After all, it was an arranged marriage between two families. As day went by, they gradually got on with each other. As the saying goes: 'Familiarity breeds fondness'..."

"Besides, the marriage was proposed by the Xia clan. So even if Lord Xia didn't like her, he would pretend to do so. "

Linda didn't say anything, just listening to what Donna said.

"Even so, I could see they had fallen in love with each other. Lady Nalan loved traveling, so Lord Xia would spare some time every month to be with her. "

"Later...... when Lady Nalan was pregnant with you, His Lordship grew more fond of her, and would come back home to keep her company the moment he finished his work at the firm. However, at the night when you were born...... Butler Zhou reached

rvants were still in the living room. Paul and Bun lowered their heads, pretending that they didn't see what just happened. Despite this, Linda still felt embarrassed with them around.

"Isn't it OUR business?" Charles raised his eyebrows, and asked.

"We are not married yet."

"You are already mine. We have got our marriage certificate."

"What the...... You stole my ID?"

When did they apply for marriage. How could she know nothing about it?

"Do you think I need to steal?"

"You bastard......"

Said Linda while slightly twitching her lips. In the past few weeks, she had got used to his bully, his bossiness, and his admiration and protection.

These all belonged exclusively to her.

As for other women, Charles wouldn't so much as cast a glance at them.

Seeing his girl get angry again, Charles quickly gave her a gentle kiss, "Still mad at me?" What if I let you punish me?"

Linda felt more angry, but she suddenly remembered his previous words, and blurted out: "Punish you? How about I do you?"

With subtle smile on his face, Charles undid two more buttons, then he opened his arms and said, "I'm waiting."

Pointing to the door, with her teeth gritting and her lips pouting, Linda shouted, "All of you, out! And close the door!"

People always say man should be manly and take control of his wife. Today she was about to take control of her man!

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