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   Chapter 84 He Had Done Them All

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Linda bombarded Derek Xie with questions in a calm, but firm voice. Her challenge reduced him to silence.

"I am asking you, Uncle. What's your answer? You went out to gamble when Lily came down with a high fever. My mom had no choice but to carry Lily and walked about 3 miles in the midnight until they reached emergency room in the hospital. On top of that, you kept avoiding us when my mom got sick and fainted. We needed 2000 to have her admitted to hospital and asked you for help. And what did you do at that time? You didn't answer our phone and didn't open your door when we knocked. How can you do this? How dare you stand in front of me and ask me to call you uncle?

"Linda... Stop it."

Donna Xie could not bear to see her brother reprimanded by Linda like this. So she asked Linda to stop.

Linda relaxed her grip on Derek Xie's collar and then he fell on his rear. Derek Xie was struck dumb for one minute before coming back to himself.

People always got irritated when their lies were exposed. And Derek Xie, being a total scum, was no exception.

"You have got some balls now, eh?

You married a rich guy and now thought I am beneath you, right?"

He glared at Linda balefully with shifty eyes and his saliva was splashing all over, all of which were disgusting to Linda.

"Bun, throw him out."

"My Lady. What you just said is to THROW him out, right?"

Answered Linda with a nod.


Rubbing her hands, Bun watched Derek Xie through the corners of her eyes. She kept looking around in the ward until she found two used rubber tubes of a life support machine in the trash bin. She picked them up and used them to tie up Derek Xie's hands and feet up.

"Let go of me! What you do is illegal! You son of a bitch!"



While tying him up, Bun replied with a smile on her face and said, "Why don't you run away? That's all you got? Call me names? Say that again and I will beat the hell out of you."

Linda shook her head with a smile. Bun was like a mischievous child.

But trashing Derek was also exactly what Linda wanted.

Derek Xie tried to fight back. He thought there's no way that a strong ma

ave the money. You remember what he has done to us before?

Gambling and drinking, deceiving and stealing. Derek Xie had done them all."

Donna Xie answered with a sigh, "Ok, Linda, it's all your call."

Donna Xie finally compromised. She knew Derek Xie didn't treat her well, but she had been brainwashed by traditional belief that men are superior than women.

So She believed it's her obligation to give Derek Xie everything he wanted.

But not Linda. She would never budge.

"All right, mom, my engagement party is due tommorrow. How about I have Bun pick you up tommorrow morning? This is my engagement ceremony we are talking about!."

"Linda, I told you before. I don't want to attend your party becasue I'm afraid my appearance might embarrass you. You are a Lady of the Xia Clan now. It's not right to let the public know that you have a foster mother like me. They will laugh at you. And remember it's not easy to be the daughter-in-law of a wealthy family."

Donna Xie turned around to avoid Linda's eyes.

Linda came here today to find out what had been bothering Donna Xie. So she would not let Donna Xie dodge this topic.

Linda demanded, "Mom, tell me the truth, do you have some concerns I don't know?"


"Mom, look at me."

"I'm sure I don't have."

"I see you are unwilling to tell me... It's OK. Tomorrow, I will come here with Lord Xia. He's been wanting to thank you for rasing me up, anyway."

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