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   Chapter 83 You Talk to Your Uncle in This Way

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"Right, why?"

Linda shook her head and exchanged a glance with Charles Mu, "Nothing, I'm just asking."

About 90 dumplings were made and boiled for five people to eat.

Linda served some sauce including vinegar and soy sauce to go with them. Then a traditional lunch of dumplings was thus finished.

As they began to eat, Linda called to Bun and Paul who stood beside them, "Come on, Bun, Paul, why don't we eat together?"

Paul shook his head and smiled, "No, thanks, My Lady. Bun and I are servants. It's inapproriate for us to eat with you."

Linda totally disagreed with what Paul just said. They were not in a feudal age. Everybody was equal. Bun and Paul were just working for the Mu clan. It did not mean the two were beneath them.

"Come on, eat with us." said Charles Mu as he wiped some flour off Linda's face with a tissue.

It was only after Charles gave them the green light that they finally consented to sit with them.

During dinner, they were talking and laughing as if they were a family.

Bun was such a smooth talker and used her sense of humour to lift Johnson Xia's spirits. Feeling delighted, Johnson even suggested that he wanted to adopt Bun as his daughter.

There were dumplings left. Linda planned to have them boiled before she left, so that she could deliver them to Donna Xie as her dinner.

As they were about to leave, Johnson Xia found it hard to tear himself away from all these people. He kept reminding Linda to visit him more frequently.

Since her father lived alone, it goes without saying that she would try to visit him more often.

On the way out of the villa of the Xia clan, Charles Mu and Paul received a call and left to deal with some businesses. Then Linda went to visit her foster mother with Bun. Being well looked after in the hospital for so many days, Donna Xie should have recovered by now.

After arriving at the hospital, Linda got off the car and looked at the azure sky.

Basking in the sunshine, Linda felt pretty happy as she thought of her upcoming engagement party.

"Bun, go bring those dumplings to my mom. I am going to Dr. Xu's of

me? My arms are broken!"

Sitting on bed, Donna was somewhat upset by her brother's wail.

No matter what Derek Xie had done to her, he's still her brother. She began to plead with Linda for him, "Linda, please let go of him. He did not mean to harm..."

Seeing as Donna Xie had interceded for him, Linda felt there's no need to rough him up any more.

"Bun." Bun quickly understood what she meant and let go of him.

"Derek Xie, I warn you one more time. Get out of here!" Linda felt sick to her stomach just seeing Derek Xie, let alone talking peacefully with him. Beacuse Derek Xie cold-heartedly kicked Linda and her family out when they were in need of help.

There's no way Linda could forgive him.

As the saying goes, it is always easy to bless than to help.

"Linda, how could you talk to your uncle in this way? We are family, you know." To Linda, the crooked smile on his fat face was disgusting.

"Family? Now you remember we are family? Were we family when you kicked my mother and my sister out back then? retorted Linda as she grabbed him by the collar, "You remember how heavy the rain was when you throwed all of my sister's stuff from the second floor and made her homeless just so your own daughter could have a spare room to study!

Even though your daughter was given the new study, she only got a 50 in math test of the college entrance examination. Isn't that funny? Well?"

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