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   Chapter 81 Any Problem

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Bun and Paul were both stunned.

Young Master had never used such a vulgar word as "damn".

It surprised them that he should say the word without even thinking. It seemed to Bun that Linda had really influenced Young Master in more ways than she realized. Charles Mu would get furious like a normal man only when he was with Linda.

After taking care of Linda's dress, Charles Mu then took Linda's hand and strode into the food market like nothing had happened earlier.

Linda didn't know what to do or say at all. What on earth was that all about? He definitely scared the people nearby.

And suddenly there was a whisper among the crowd, "Look! Does he look like Charles Mu? That CEO of the Mu company."

"The Mu company? Which one?"

"Is there any other Mu company in SH city?"


Some of them started to let out gasps of surprise. The Mu company was far more influential than they could ever imagine. The Mus had been laying their hands on almost every business sector in SH city since decades ago. And the company was further expanded when Charles Mu, the eldest grandson of the clan, took over the family business and gradually got control of the economy and politics of the SH city.

There were countless women who would kill to be able to crawl up to his bed, let alone marrying him.

How on earth would such a popular man show up in a messy food market?

It surprised everyone in the market.

However, they were rather more interested in the woman that Charles Mu was holding. Though wearing little make-up, she was such a breath-taking beauty.

It seemed perfectly normal for people to find Charles Mu, a man with a company that was worth hundreds of millions, show up in the company of gorgeous women every now and then, since in their limited imagination, the rich were always indulging in such dissolute ways of life.

And yet he turned up with a woman in a food market, a place where usually only couples would showed up together.

Was it real?

Rumor had it that the CEO of the Mu company was engaged. But no one knew the real story since it was not officially announced by the Mu clan yet. People were merely gossiping about the whole thing without any solid proof.

But what they just saw might have just confirmed what they had heard.

Actually, by 1 o'clock in the afternoon, the news of their engagement would be spread around the entire city by the media company affiliated to the Mu company. Only that none of them had known of the plan yet.

However, everyone in the SH city would hear about it by the afternoon.


w much Sherry loved to make him dumplings when she was alive...

Johnson Xia did find Linda back, but Linda hadn't had the chance to stay long with him before she was pushed out again by Johnson Xia himself to deliver what he had promised to the Mu clan.

And Johnson Xia felt rather guilty when Linda still treated him so well.

Just as he immersed himself in his own thoughts, Johnson Xia heard Linda's voice from the front door, "Father, I'm home. Why are you standing out here? You are not fully recovered. Let's go inside. It's too windy out here."

"Alright, alright." Johnson Xia suddenly felt like crying and drops of tear immediately rolled down his wrinkled cheeks.

"What's wrong? Father, are you OK? Why are you crying?" Linda didn't know what to do and then turned to Charles Mu for help with a baffled look.

Johnson Xia wiped his face and replied, "Nothing, I'm fine. Come, aren't you going to make dumplings for me? Let me help you with the filling."

"You can do the filling?" Linda was surprised. Unlike Linda who was found back to the clan, Johnson Xia was the master of the Xia clan, and he was born with a silver spoon.

"Of course I can. Your mother used to love making me dumplings. But she didn't want to deal with the filling, so she made me do it instead. And then she was pregnant with you, so I have forbidden her to step into the kitchen again ever since..."

Looking slightly trembling, Johnson Xia continued, "And then she promised me that she would make dumplings for me again after she delivered... But you had gone missing right after you were born. And I haven't had another chance to tasted your mother's dumplings again since then. It has been more than twenty years."

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