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   Chapter 80 Shut Your Damn Eyes

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Linda nestled up docilely against Charles Mu for a long while.

"Linda, we are going to be engaged tomorrow. How do you feel now?"

Linda closed her watery eyes and grabbed Charles Mu with her little hands. Like a idle little cat, she murmured slowly with a nod, "Hmm, more than happy... Can you go home with me later in the afternoon? I want to see my father."

Out of no reason, Linda suddenly thought of Johnson Xia again.

Linda didn't live in the Xia's villa with him, and with Lisa Xia gone missing and May Shen in jail, Johnson Xia was left alone in that big mansion.

It was not easy for an old man as Johnson Xia. So Linda, as his only daughter, wanted to do her best to look after her father.

"Sure. Don't worry about him. I will ask Anna to check on him regularly every month."

The whole food poison thing was way too horrible, and the most shocking part was that it was planned deliberately by someone. Johnson Xia could have die were it not for what Charles Mu had done for him.

And he would simply die of the so-called food poison, while May Shen would get away with everything she had done to Johnson Xia and inherit all his money.

The most tragic thing is that Lisa Xia, the one he had always been fond of, was not even his own daughter. It was too much to bear for a man in his age.

Linda had studied psychology before, and therefore she was worried that Johnson Xia couldn't let go and would instead do something silly. Linda couldn't afford to lose her father again now that she had finally got one.

No matter what he did back then, he had never harmed Linda.

Thinking that they hadn't had any lunch yet, Linda then got up from the bed and made a call to the Xia clan.

Vincent Zhou ran off after May Shen was arrested.

Linda didn't try to find Lisa Xia, and neither did she ask Charles Mu to hunt Vincent Zhou down and throw him into jail.

She only asked Charles Mu to find Johnson Xia a decent butler, at least someone he could count on.

It was Darren, the new butler, who answered the phone.


"It smells in there. I don't think you can take it. I canl just go with Bun."

Linda thought he was worrying about her safety.

As the eldest son of the Mu clan, Charles Mu might never set his foot on such a place as vegetable market in his entire life.

And with the mixed smell of vegetables, meat and other raw ingredients, the place did smell rather unpleasant.

Charles Mu said nothing more. He just took Linda's hand and walked straightly into the market.

Linda was totally speechless. Did he even know where to find pork and dumpling skin? Or did he just walk randomly?

The shoppers in the market kept on eyeing Charles Mu and Linda when they showed up.

For handsome faces always drew people's attention at the first sight.

Charles Mu was calm and cold as he always was, which was constantly giving off the message of "Don't come any closer." But Linda knew his hands were actually warm to hold.

Suddenly there was a strong breeze and Linda'd dress was blown up in the air. She let out of a terrified scream and hurried to keep her dress down to cover her body.

But Charles Mu was a step ahead of her. He had already crouched down and held the edge of Linda's dress. Noticing the people around were all staring at Linda, he grew a little pissed and shouted out at the crowd, "Shut you damn eyes! What are you all looking at?"

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