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   Chapter 79 You Don't Need To Work

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Robert Huo laid down his chopsticks and turned to his brother with a loving smile, "Then how do you plan to help me?"

"I'll just send someone to snap her off the road and bring her to you."

With his lips slightly twitching, Robert Huo stood up and caressed Adam Huo's head, "What have you been thinking about all day long?"

"I am simply trying to help my brother, with the easiest and most efficient method."

"She has already engaged. I don't know what kind of man she is going to marry, but I do hope he will treat her well, "

Said Robert Huo while lowering his head, looking rather doleful.

It was not easy to find a woman who could make him felt like this, but sadly she was not available.

Had he seen this coming, he never would have yielded to his family's wish and went abroad to study business management.

It had been two years since Robert Huo last saw his precious little brother. He seemed to have fully recovered from the past, and gradually became his normal self again.

Adam Huo then rubbed his eyes with a yawn, "I'm so tired, brother. I'm going to have a shower and hit the bed. We can continue our talk tomorrow."

Robert Huo glanced at the clock in surprise, "What, now? It's only 8 o'clock."

"Right. And I sleep lightly. So please don't come into my room while I'm sleeping, or I'm afraid I'll stay awake for the whole night. Good night."

"Fine, I'll see you in the morning."

Adam Huo then went back to his room and locked the door.

The innocent smile disappeared instantly from his face as he entered the room, and his slightly narrowed eyes were glowing with a glint of devilish relish in the dark.


en he sat next to Linda and held her in his arms, "The lady of the Mu clan dose not need to work."

Linda turned around to find a cozy spot in his arms and said, "But I want to. It bores me to death to sit around at home and do nothing."

Charles Mu said nothing for a while but held her tighter, "Fine, if you really want to do this. I won't stop you, but you must take Bun with you."

"How can I leave? I'm going to be a teacher... What will those students think of me if I take Bun with me?"

Linda rejected Charles Mu's suggestion sternly.

"You don't have a choice here. I have to keep you safe."

"You asshole! Go sleep on the couch by yourself tonight!" Linda pushed Charles Mu away and then pretended to be angry.

Charles Mu could only shake his head while pulling Linda back into his arms with a doting smile, and then he put a gentle kiss on her rosy lips and murmured, "What should I do with you..."

"That's more like it."

Seening as Charles Mu compromised, Linda then smoothly gave him a kiss in return.

She held his handsome face and pressed the kiss on his thin lips.

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