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   Chapter 78 Charpter You Will Have No Trouble Getting This Girl

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Bun shook her head to dismiss the worry from her mind and held the wheel more tightly.

On the way home, Bun concentrated on driving so that she could put aside her concerns.

After arriving at the villa of the Mu clan, Bun opened tha car trunk and started to carry the cartoon into the villa.

Charles Mu and Paul had aready got home. Seeing Bun was carrying something, Paul hurried to help her.

Bun flushed and said happily, "Thanks, Paul."

"You got it, " said Paul as he waved.

Then Linda teased, "You have got good eyes, Paul. You came to us when Bun and I just arrived at the gate. It's such a long distance."

"Come on, My Lady. Stop embarrassing me. Young Master was waiting for you inside." Paul's somber face brightened.

Was Charles waiting for her?

Linda trotted to her room.

Charles Mu's looking intently at the laptop on the couch. Linda guessed he's dealing with some business affair.

"You're back!"

Charles Mu glanced up at Linda, his usual solemn eyes alight with delight.


Charles Mu beckoned her over.

Charles pulled Linda into his arms as soon as she came near and then Linda lay against him on the couch.

Linda was rendered speechless.

Seeing that Linda was silent, Charles Mu thought she was irritated and said, "Honey, forgive me. You're so adorable. I can't help hugging you."

"Hum, since you know you're wrong. you should sleep on this couch tonight."

"OK, you win. But I have something to discuss with you. I've been trying to track down Lisa Xia these days."

"Let her go. I don't care about where she is. Since May Shen was arrested. I don't want to come after Lisa anymore."

"I understand what you said. But at least we have to locate her. Our intelligence network, WSS, have being going through all transportation records, like buses, high-speed trains, airplanes. But she is not on any of those records."

It was as if she disappeared from this city all of a sudden.

Linda knew how efficient the WSS was. Since they're unable to find Lisa Xia, something must have happened to her.

"How ab

clan. She also had not met Robert for the last two years.

"Good, where is mother and father?" Robert looked around, but did not see his parents.

"His Lordship and Her Ladyship were travelling around the world now and before leaving they ordered me to tell you since you come back home, it's time for you to take over the company."

After hearing that, Robert Huo sighed with resignation.

Robert and Adam're sitting across the dinning table from each other and having dinner. Robert's mind was dominated by what'd happened today.

Linda was more attractive than she was two years ago. He found her voice and temperament fascinating.


"Robert? What are you thinking about? You seemed depressed." asked Adam.

"Well... I may have got a love problem. Robert felt like he could confide in his beloved brother.

Adam smiled and said, "Whoa, fill me in. Maybe I can give you some advice. You fall in love with someone?"

"Right, Her name is Linda Xia, a freshman I met in my sophomore year at the university. She was part of the reason why I returned home. Mother just kept sending me the pictures of those Ladys. It is annoying. I..."

Linda Xia!

A cold and menacing light flashed through Adam's eyes.

"Robert, you are so good-looking and nice. Women are attracted to you all the time. You will have no trouble getting this girl. You want me to help?"

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