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   Chapter 77 Robert Huo

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Looking up at the man in front of her, Linda felt a bit surprised.

The man gave Linda a warm, bright smile, which felt like a ray of sunshine in a cold, gloomy day.

He was Robert Huo who went to university two years eariler than Linda.

In her freshman year, Linda often went to the library and sat at her regular table.

Coincidentally, everytime Linda studied here, Robert Huo would show up and sat opposite her.

As they often sat together, they have got to know each other quite well.

And sometimes they would have an idle chat and read together.

But they lost contact after Robert went to study abroad in his senior year. .

"Yes." Robert Huo smiled with a nod and put the scattered books into the carton. "Let me help you, " said Robert.

"No, thanks. Robert. I can manage it."

But robert ignored what Linda just said and picked up the carton. He said, "Linda, you are always too proud to ask others for help. Let's go."

Walking in a trail of their university, Linda felt quite happy to meet her old friend again.

However, it didn't mean she's interested in him. Seeing a friend who you had not met for a long time was always delightful.

"How have you been the last 2 years?" Robert turned around and studied Linda with his limpid eyes.

In the past two years, a lot of things, even something unexpected, have hapended.

Linda opened her month, as if she got a a lot to say. But she hesitated and finally said, "Quite well."

Before they knew it, they had already arrived at the gate of the university. Bun had already come back from the lady's room and was waiting for Linda beside the car.

Upon seeing Linda, Bun trotted to her and cast a glance at Rober who's walking near Linda. She was surprised at the appearance of such a stranger.

"Bun, this is Robert Huo. a fellow schoolmate I met at university." Linda hastened to introduce Robert to Bun as she saw Bun was studying him.

Bun smiled politely and

Linda used to be set up more than once by those admirers.

"Don't mention it to Charles after getting home." Linda just wanted to stay out of trouble even though she and Robert were really just good friends.

She's afraid that Charles might get paranoid about it.

Linda was majored in psychology. So she understood how people acted in different situations and was sure that Charles would bother her with what'd happened today.

"Got it, My Lady. You are my boss now, not Young Master. So I will keep silent about it and probably I can keep a lookout for you if you want. How about that?"

Linda was amused by what Bun just said and stretched her hand to pinch Bun's face. "Stop talking nonsense or I will ask Charles to marry you off to Paul."

Bun flushed and lost control of the wheel. Then the car skidded off the road slightly. Bun called out, "Jesus, My Lady! I'm driving! Stop messing around with me, please. If we had a car crash and you got hurt, I will be in big trouble!"

"You feel shy?"

Bun's flushed face somehow amused Linda.


Bun pretended to focus on her driving. But her mind was in a turmoil and her eyes glazed over.

She's been having a crash on Paul for many years.

But... Nobody will be attracted to her after seeing the unsightly scars over her body.

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