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   Chapter 76 Why Are You Still So Clumsy

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A new day began.

After getting up, Linda looked in the mirror and saw a deep purple hickey on her fair and delicate neck. She sighed with resignation.

"This guy just has to leave some marks on me every time", thought she.

Linda was determined to "get back at him" in the similar fashion. Originally, Bun wanted to go pick the books by herself so that Linda could stay at home and rest.

But Linda refused.

It's boring to stay at home. Charles had already gone to the company, and if Bun also went out, she would find no one to kill time with.

Thinking about that, Linda was more determined to find a job.

After a tasty breakfast, Bun went to the garage to choose her ride.

This time, Bun still chose the low-profile Volkswagen Phaeton. After all, the destination was her university. A Lamborghini or Bugatti Veyron would be too flashy.

It would be awkward if her junior schoolmates were to see her in those nice cars. After all, she wished to be an ordinary person deep down. Now that she chose to marry Charles, she had to learn to get used to other people's envious looks.

After all, her fiance was too shining.

She put on what she used to wear in university.

She wore a white T-shirt and a jean. With long black hair and a smile on her naturally beautiful face, she seemed to be a newly graduated Venus of this university.

Her alma mater, SH University, was one of the top universities.

It took her great efforts to be admitted to it.

Thinking back, she felt that she had learned really hard.

She had always been a thoughtful kid since her childhood. She knew it's not easy for her foster mother to bring her up, so she studied hard to pay her back.

About 45 minutes later, they arrived at the university, which was not far from Mu's villa.

It was still a little hot in September for most southern cities.

Linda hadn't come back here for some time, she could not help closed her cl

were her books. "Here they are."

"Thank you, Mr. Zhang." Linda gave him a sweet smile. She squatted to open the box. While flipping through the book, she saw her notes all over them.

Bun felt a little cramp in the abdomen, so she said to Linda: "My Lady, my tummy hurts. I need the toilet. Please give me a second."

"There is only one toilet at the front gate. No need to double back. I'll have a chat with Mr. Zhang and then meet you there."

After some hesitation, Bun agreed. After all, this was an university. She supposed Linda would be safe here. Bun then nodded and ran for the toilet.

David Zhang was shocked when he heard Bun addressed Linda as Lady. But he didn't ask further questions.

After some catching-up, David offered to help her move those books. But Linda refused his offer and went to meet Bun at the front gate.

She lugged the rather heavy box of books. About halfway up, she accidentally tripped over a small rock. She staggered and and a few books fell out of the box.

She gloomily sighed and bent down to pick up the books.

A slender and finely-chiseled hand got into her sight, and picked up her books.

"Thank you so much." Linda looked up to see the face.

"Linda, it has been a year since we last met. Why are you still so clumsy?"

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