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   Chapter 75 Checking up on Me Already

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Linda jumped to her feet, trying to beat Bun for what she said.

Bun ran away and laughed, "My Lady, don't be shy. This is not the first time it happens. I have gotten used to that."

"You naughty girl. Stop running." said Linda while running after Bun with two chopsticks in hand.

Bun, who was after all once a soldier, was way too fast to be caught by Linda.

Linda ran around the garden again and again, but she still failed to catch her. She was out of breath, while Bun kept running and shouting at her, "My Lady, go catch me, come on!"

Linda was so exhausted that she stood still and gave in, "That's it, I will let it pass this time. I'm going back for dinner."

Her stomach was grumbling.

Then Linda went straight back towards the living room.

Seeing this, Bun also stopped and followed her into the living room.

Knowing that Bun was following her, Linda put on a smile for she knew her trick had worked.

"Ouch, my waist." Linda suddenly held her waist after taking a few steps.

Feeling shocked, Bun hurriedly asked, "What's the matter, My Lady?"

As soon as Bun came near, Linda suddenly turned around and gave Bun a pat.

"Want to escape? Huh? I can always catch you! Haha! ."

Linda was more than satisfied that her trick worked.

"Oh, jeez, you are such a bore, My Lady."

Bun was rendered speechless. Why did Lady Linda behave like a child?

Sitting by the dining table, Linde felt that

t bear it..."

Michael Huo waved back. A man in black took out a syringe and a bottle of fluid from a locked box.

She felt a sting on her arm as the fluid was injected into her.

After ten minutes, she felt relieved, lying on her stomach, gasping and sweating all over.

"Come here." Michael Huo waved at Lisa, his attractive eye gleaming with a weird and spooky light.

Lisa instinctively wanted to take a step back. But she dared not defy him and the attack of the drug felt too bad.

And she was sitll horrified deep down.

"Do you know what a pet should do?"

Lisa shook her head.

"Didn't I show you the video yesterday?" How did you manage to forget it so quickly?" He stood up with his pitiless eys and kicked Lisa right on her knee.

Lisa went down on her knees in pain.

"I remember, I remember!"

She could not help trembling on her bented knees, with tears in her eyes. She was frightened but she dared not stood up to him.

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