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   Chapter 74 A Bitch

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Lisa was more than terrified.

Was the woman in the video her elegant, wise mother?

Adam Huo waved his hand

And the two bodyguards turned off the video and went out of the room.

The door was slammed shut and the lights were turned off, leaving the room in pitch-darkness.

Adam disliked light. Only darkness made him feel safe.

"Now you know who I am."

Lisa, filled with fear, struggled and shouted: "Who the hell are you? Let go of me, you freak! What is going on between you and my mother?! You must have drugged her! ! She must have been forced to do that! ! !"

"Forced?"Adam Huo's narrow and deep eyes glanced at Lisa, who was handcuffed on the mattress.

It seemed that he was satisfied about her.

"I knew it! You'd better let go of me, or I will call the police!"

Adam stood up from the big sofa, took the dog chain and walked slowly towards Lisa.

His pale hand suddenly reached out and locked her chin tightly, Making Lisa hurt.

"At first, the master will scold the misbehaved pet. But if it kept acting up, there is no need to keep it. You name is Lisa Xia, right? From now on, your name is changed to what you saw on the door. Did you see it just now?"

Said Adam in his usual pleasant voice... ...

But his words sent a thrill through her body. She did remember what he said over the phone and she did saw the name on the door, which was not her real name. She wondered what that name had to do with her? She just thought it was a mistake.

Now it's all clear.

"Here, You have two choices. For one, I send you back to Charles. Just imagine what will happen if Charles were to find out that you drugged your

their beloved ones. Linda was one of them now and so she could relate to that feeling.

It had dawned on her that she could not stay at home all the time after getting married.

That would be unbearably boring.

She got a bachelor degree in chemistry and also minored in psychology.

She had wanted to be a high school chemistry teacher, but the plan had been delayed because people from the Xia clan came knocking.

She wanted to go to work after her engagement. She wanted an ordinary life.

She know nothing about business and didn't want to trouble Charles.

But she didn't want to idle about.

She remembered one of her senior school mates had once told her that people in love must give each other space, otherwise the one with more time at hand would soon get bored and started thinking too much.

Charles was always busy with works in the company. He couldn't stay with her from day to night, could he?

Linda was enjoying her drumsticks and pondering on her future career when Bun's mockery came up:

"Well, My Lady. It's only been an hour and you are missing him already!"

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