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   Chapter 73 Do You Keep a Dog Too

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"Cut the crap and drive." Lisa lost her temper again. What's more, she remembered clearly that she was not allowed to tell anything except for the address. The driver's questions put her on edge.

The driver immediately stopped asking his well-intentioned questions.

As fas as he knew, there used to be a nightclub. He once drived someone there.

"Is she..."

He reluctantly shook his head at the thought and had a sympathetic glimpse of her, wondering why such a beautiful girl would...

He then started the car and drove towards Junqing Road.

Along the way, Lisa kept asking how soon they would get there. Fortunately the driver was the one with sound professional ethics, otherwise he would have asked her to get off the taxi.

Half an hour later, the taxi stopped at No. 48 Junqing Road.

The driver had a glance at the taximeter and said politely to Lisa, "That'll be 54, lady. Would you like to pay in cash or by card?"

Lisa took out her bank card from her purse, "By card."

The driver took over her card and got confused. He rubbed his head and said, "Lady, are you kidding me? How can I swipe this one?"

Lisa replied impatiently, "You did say that I can pay either in cash or by card, didn't you?" Haven't you seen a bank card before?"

"What I mean is transportation card. My goodness!" Being a professional, the driver reined in his temper and replied.

Cash? She threw him a hundred from her purse. "Keep the change."

Normally, Lisa would not pay in cash. The only reason for her to carry cash around was just because her mother told her to do so in case of emergency.

She then got off the taxi and slammed the car door.

The driver shook his head with resignation and said to himself: "How can she behave like that? Just because of some money? Let's see whether you could still be this cocky in a few years' time! Does she really think that she is some kind of lady from a wealthy family? She is simply a prostitute selling out her body for money."



"Thank you." Lisa nodded and went towards the bathroom.

While passing the man, she saw a dog chain on his table.

Lisa was fond of dogs. She could not help but gnash her teeth when she thought of her pet dog that was killed by that bitch. Then she asked, "Do you keep a dog too?"

"What? Keep a dog? That's a good idea."

He sounded as if he did not have a dog. Lisa got confused.

But she did not give it more thoughts, for she was sticky all over. So she went to have a shower.

The shower seemed to have made her feel a lot better. But when she opened the cabinet, she was surprised to find that...

There were only underwear in it ...

Lisa was caught up in shame and anger. Suddenly, the two bodyguards pushed the door open and went in.

"Hey! What the hell are you doing!"

Two guys carried her out of bathroom without giving any explanation. In the room, the thick curtain was drawn aside.

Lisa was thrown on to a mattress in handcuff.

"Let go of me. Aren't you my mother's friend? "What the hell are you doing?" Terrified, Lisa struggled to break free. His evil smile looked horrifying.

"Friend? Well. Let me show you a video and then you can understand what kind of friends we are."

Adam Huo waved his hand and then the two poker-faced bodyguards turned on the TV and played a video.

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