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   Chapter 72 Why Does My Wife Look So Beautiful

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"You asshole, put me down! ! People are watching!" Linda pounded hard on Charles with her fist.

But it didn't work at all. It's just like scratching.

Charles paid no attention to it and hit the room directly, Leaving Bun covering her mouth with surprise.

It seemed to her that the Young Master was becoming more unrestrained as he should boldly carried Lady Linda up and left the dinning room regardless of everyone present. ...

The servants nearby with lowered heads all looked at the two with the corner of their eyes, marveling at the intimacy between this couple

"Charles I told you people are watching! !" Linda pulled his ears with her little hands out of discontent.

It was only because she was a little bit shy, For he scooped her up in front of so many people.

"People watching? Huh? So what?" Charles raised his eyebrow and glanced at Linda, as if to say that he could do anything he wanted.

"I swear I will bite you."

Linda hissed, making threatening gestures towards Charles, Who was so attracted by her lovely gestures that he could not even move his eyes from her.

Linda then continued her threat. "Cut if off, or you shall have a good beat, you asshole."

"By whom, you mean?"

"I mean... believe it or not, I can call your father for help."

"He is

bank card when she sneaked out of her house.

She could have got a taxi.

But she was a lady born in the Xia clan and had been brought up as Johnson Xia's beloved daughter. Whenever she went out, there's always a driver waiting for her.

So the concept of a taxi was rather alien to her. She didn't even know what a taxi was.

It was when a good guy finally hailed a taxi for her

That she knew there was such a thing as taxi in this world.

"Good day, lady, where are we heading?" Taxi drivers of SH City were very polite.

Lisa handed the note to him.


The driver looked at the address

And gave a strange look at Lisa, asking, "Young lady, why are you going there? There are only some abandoned factories, shops and residential buildings left on Junqing Road. All the buildings there are going to be pulled down in several months."

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