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   Chapter 71 What Else Can Make You Happy

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"Alright, I'm coming right away." Lisa Xia nodded her head hastily as if the man on the phone was the only one who could save her from her misery.

The man sounded so soft and gentle, and Lisa Xia imagined she might be treated well when she came to him...

She sneaked back to her room after hung up the phone and then grabbed some clothing randomly from her closet, together with some cash, bank cards and her ID. Lisa Xia then kept low and tiptoed along the windows to the unguarded backdoor.

Lisa Xia knew the house well for she had lived there for twenty odd years. She was familiar with each and every path and backdoor and so she could leave the villa without been noticed.

So no one saw exactly how she got out of the villa.

While on the other side, the test report of the salty water was out half an hour later.

That bowl of water contained 0.1 gram of nitrite.

Nitrite was nothing like salt, it was lethal.

Johnson Xia could only sighed while shaking his head when he heard the result. It seemed he was still not able to hate May Shen for what she had done to him. And instead of fury, his mind was filled up with guilt.

Johnson Xia couldn't even describe how bitter and desperate it was when he found out that the one who had shared the bed with him for decades was trying to kill him.

"Anna, if someone were fed with nitrite, how long will it take for it to be lethal?" asked Linda after thinking for a while.

May Shen had married Johnson Xia for almost 15 years, and no one knew when she started to poison him. It was unlikely that she had been doing this for 15 years.

"Between two weeks and a month, I think. But the thing is, those who accidentally ate nitrite may be misdiagnosed as having food poison by inexperienced doctors. And it could be really dangerous if they simply take the medicine to clean up their stomach and intestines." Anna Xu thought for a moment before answering Linda.

One month ago? It was exactly between the time Linda wet back to the Xia clan and the time she married into the Mu clan.

So that's when it started...

May Shen did not only sent someone to kill Linda on that bridge and then tried to cover it up as a simple traffic accident, and she also wanted to murder her own husband.

"Then will my father be alright?"


A refusal just as Bun had expected... Bun then came right into the room and pulled Linda from the chair, "No, My Lady. You haven't had anything for lunch, and if you don't eat something for dinner, even your boobs will go flat out of starvation."

Linda suddenly burst into chuckles at Bun's quip. Then she could but follow Bun downstairs to the dining room.

Linda was not in the mood for dinner, so she lay down her forks after just a few bites. Bun frowned with disapproval. Lady Linda used to enjoy those dishes!

How could she eat so little this time?

Bun was thinking when Charles Mu strode into the dining room, and she immediately reported to him, "Young Master, Lady Linda was not eating. Those are all her favorites, please tell her to have some more."

Linda didn't know whether to laugh or cry at all. She then patted Bun's head with a warning glare, "Damn it, Bun! Did you just snitch on me? You've got some nerve!"

Charles Mu took a seat next to Linda and glanced over the food in front of them. Coke chicken wings, beef and bean vermicelli soup, yellow croaker with vinegar sauce...

Those were her favorites.

"What's the matter, sweetheart? Even the delicious food can't satisfy you? Then what else can make you happy? Let me see."

Standing beside them, Bun pointed at Charles Mu and smoothly answered for Linda, "I'm happy when you are happy."

Linda blanked out for a second before she realized what Bun meant...

Just as Linda was about to looked up at Bun, she was carried up by Charles Mu.

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