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   Chapter 70 My Mother Told Me to Find You

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May Shen was whispering in Lisa's ear in a low voice.

Therefore, no one heard what exactly she had told Lisa Xia.

Johnson Xia thought May Shen just wanted to say goodbye to her daughter. He tried and failed to see the resemblance in Lisa's face, and so he could only stare at her with a mixed feeling. He still couldn't believed that he had spent years raising someone else's daughter.

Lisa was someone else's daughter.

Luckily, he still had another sweet daughter Linda, which made him feel much better for the moment.

Lisa Xia didn't know what to do with all these sudden changes in her life.

But she kept it in mind what May Shen just told her.

"I know. But what about you, mother?"

May Shen curled her lips, "It's alright. Nothing more than a couple nights in jail. Go find that man, and he will come to save me."

"Alright. I will find him and we will get you out."

Putting her hands on her belly, Lisa Xia looked up at the ceiling and suddenly felt so desperate.

It had only been a day, and she went from the lady of the Xia clan to the daughter of a butler.

She knew exactly the difference between them. And she also knew there was no place for her in the Xia clan anymore.

Lisa Xia looked at May Shen and couldn't help crying.

Charles Mu then opened his mouth coldly like Hades claiming his victim.

"It's about time. Get her to the Bureau."

"Yes, Young Master."

Paul then pulled May Shen up and carried her out of the front door.

Soon after they left, doctor Anna Xu showed up with her medical kit.

"Young Master, My Lady, " said Anna Xu while nodding at Charles Mu and Linda respectfully.

"Anna, here you are. Come quick and check whether my father is alright. They said he got food poison."

"Yes, My Lady. Please don't worry. Young Master had told me it might be food poison when he called me. So I've brought some medicine accordingly."

Linda then nodded gratefully, "Yes, thank you."

"Lord Xia, please come with me to the ambulance. There are some specialized equipments and I can run a blood test for you."

Johnson Xia then nodded, "Thank you."

Johnson Xia didn't feel well earlier in the morning, and he had been vomitting and having a diarrhea since he got up. He thought it might be something he ate that had gone bad.

So he went to t

et her go." Linda sighed and closed her eyes, and her dense eyelashes were slightly quivering.

She had already had her stepmother, which made a pretty good start for her revenge. As for Lisa Xia, Linda couldn't care less.

Lisa Xia did sneak off when Anna Xu was running a blood test for Johnson Xia. She went back to her room and searched the third drawer of her dresser as May Shen told her to.

There was a note on the bottom, with a number and a address on the paper.

Lisa Xia picked up the phone with her trembling hands and started to dial the number.

"Hello, who is that?" The voice from the other end was clear and melodious.

Lisa sobbed while speaking to the phone, "I'm Lisa Xia, May Shen's daughter. My mother was taken away by my father and that bitch. My mother told me to call you, and she said you can save her..."

The more Lisa Xia said, the louder she whimpered, "Right, I don't suppose you know what bitch I'm talking about. Her name was Linda Xia."

"Hmm? May Shen was taken away?" The man still sounded emotionless, and Lisa Xia could hardly figure out what he was thinking.

"Well, yes. They said they are going to take my mother to the Public Security Bureau."

"How do you know my number? What... did May tell you?"

"My mother told me to find you. She left a note in my drawer with your number and address..."

The man laughed lightly, and then spoke again after a short pause, "I heard you're pregnant... Fine, follow the address and you will find me. Remember, no one must know about this..."

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